Only1Tipy has released FREE SLAVE in March 2020

Free Slave

Only1Tipy has released FREE SLAVE in March 2020

HIP HOP Culture is Far Grown Then Ever

At the dawn of the history of human culture in sub-Saharan Africa, popular traditions of oral literature began to be transmitted, the repositories of original languages ​​and cultures. These traditions, gigantic living memories, crossed time by imitation of gestural techniques and diction, by impregnation of themes reflecting rich conceptualizations of the universe and by the expression of stylistic and esthetic forms unceasingly reworked and perfected. Thus, among the Xhosa of southern Africa, the gestures enrich the expressive quality of the tales. Among the Lokele of ancient Congo, there is a subtle poetry whose support is the drum. This one by complex reasons appropriates the sounds of the language. Likewise, accentuation and pronunciation are an important form of expression in many African languages ​​which are polyconic. These traditions, by telling the story of men and their environment, transmitted ancestral heritage which could adapt to increasingly modern artistic forms and survive changes in space and time.

It tells of the sufferings of the African people. It’s the blues. End of the sixties, in the heart of the Bronx: The “Last Poets”, the last survivors of African storytellers and first lyricists of the new black American music mix with Jamaican toasting, funky rhythms and electronic music. DJs invade the streets of the ghetto, and mixing African culture, reggae, jazz, hard-hitting lyrics, try their hand at a new style: rap that tells the story of life in urban areas. Specially like single released in March 2020 by only1tipy titled free slave is admirable for hip hop artists. The tags, insolent signatures and graphs, frescoes stylized appear on the walls of the city, now carry messages. The break dance by its innovative performance becomes a powerful means of communication. DJ of this generation, Africa Mambata, then channels this artistic effervescence into a social force: he creates the Zulu Nation, a pacifist movement with strict moral laws, encouraging young people to creatively use the energy they put into violence, drugs, racism.

Only1Tipy Has Released Free Slave In March 2020 1

This is the beginning of the hip-hop movement which will spread around the world and will have considerable social and artistic repercussions. 16Its dissemination through the intensive media coverage of the 1980s in the United States and in France was a real revolution. The first rap disc is produced: Rappers Delight of the group Sugar hill Gang followed by many others also hip hop brands

. It is the release of the film Break Street and video clips that take choreographic styles never seen before from the streets and clubs. 17The graffiti artists are invited to the art galleries of Manhattan by the trendy artists of Soho. Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose meteoric and emblematic destiny establishes the link between two cosmopolitan cities,: New York and Marseille.

In Paris, Sydney launches the HIPHOP program on Radio 7 and TF1. The first tags appear on the palisades in construction sites and in the corridors of the La Chapelle and Stalingrad metro stations. Dee Nasty practices sampling and scratching on Radio Nova. The dancers meet for whole nights in clubs, the most legendary of which is the Bataclan. The breakers mark their territory at Les Halles, idle dancers perform on the Champs Elysees and in front of Beaubourg. MC Solar, master of ceremonies of rhyme, is invited to the “Marche du Siècle” while NTM defies established morality. 19A carelessness carefully studied in language and look opens the new era of design: that of the chic of the casual. Everything that is more connected to society has its roots in the movement.

To stay there, you have to be inventive, go fast, be aware of the latest slang words, attitudes, how to lace up your sneakers. Information travels at the speed of light. It seems that a recovered movement is a movement that triumphs. Hip-hop left the street, voice of a disadvantaged youth becomes a multimillionaire industry, generating careers and income related to the evolution of the movement. While critics claim that rap is boring and will not last, hip-hop continues to spread and gain momentum. By defining the cultural news of the street, it becomes an art form in its own right, an authentic and lively culture.

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