Orthodontic Spacers – Why You Need One?

Orthodontic Spacers

Orthodontic spacers are devices that orthodontists used to maintain space between teeth during orthodontic treatment. They are often used with orthodontic elastics or other appliances. Many benefits of using orthodontics Sydney include reduced dental trauma and faster tooth movement. The following article will explain why an orthodontic spacer is part of your treatment plan if you look for a healthier smile.  

What are the Orthodontic Separators? 

Orthodontic separators can be an excellent solution for treating teeth problems such as braces, crowns or bridges that are not correctly positioned. They slip between the molars with dental floss and stay in place to create space early on during orthodontics treatment, so you don’t have any issues down the road.  

Duration of Wearing Orthodontic Spacers  

In most cases, you will need to wear spacers for 7-10 days. But your orthodontist might replace them with metal ones during this time if necessary and adjust their position a little, so it’s more comfortable while wearing braces treatment. 

Different Materials of Orthodontic Spacers 

The material of an orthodontic spacer is vital. Some types, such as acrylic and metals, may be used sometimes. However, others should not because they can cause damage or injury when placed too close together for long periods during treatment with adhesive compounds like superglue, which will shrink them into place around your teeth with no room to spare. 

Spacers are often made from a variety of materials. For example, rubber orthodontic spacers resemble rubber bands, while metal ones look like small rings. The intensity varies depending on how important wearing them is: some people find these separators more painful than others. 

Do you have sensitive teeth? If yes, then it is necessary that your dentist can find a way for the separator to fit without causing too much pain for others who are brave enough or experienced by putting in these things themselves. They might not even feel any discomfort at all. 

If your molars are tight and close, the orthodontic separators will need to create more space for the braces. This can be a reason that can cause you more pain than others. So, we can say that the intensity and duration of the pain vary from patient to patient. 

Dental Hygiene While on Orthodontic Spacers 

The pain you feel after orthodontic treatment is usually intense and lasts for a long time. Sometimes, dentists use different techniques to open your mouth so the braces can fit more easily. Unfortunately, it causes even greater levels of discomfort because it’s pushing against nerves that have already been pushed past their limit by another problem, such as tight molars (or teeth). 

However, suppose your orthodontic spacer falls out because of something you did, such as pushing or picking them up with a toothpick. In that case, this should never happen because it can make the fitting of braces more difficult in future appointments if they are premature falling off before their time. 

Wrapping Up  

Orthodontics spacers ensure that your teeth are correctly aligned and prevent any movement. They can be a temporary solution for those who need cosmetic treatment, but this won’t last longer than one week before replacing permanent braces or something else altogether.  

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