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There is no doubt that music is very important in cinema. How many scenes do we remember, especially because of the soundtrack of the movie? Plenty. For example, the clay pot scene from Ghost, without the song “Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers it would have been much less memorable and magical.

So what better time than a wedding party to relive the emotions of the silver screen? Let’s take a look at the 2021 Oscar nominees.

The winner of the Best Original Song award was “Fight For You” from the movie “Judas and the Black Messiah,” performed by singer H.E.R . (real name Gabriella Wilson; her stage name is an acronym for “Having Everything Revealed”). A much sought-after “best original song” award, won (beating favorites Laura Pausini and Celeste) a few weeks after she had the honor of singing “America the Beautiful” at the 2021 Super Bowl. “Fight For You” is a great R&B track, a hymn to freedom that tells of the civil rights struggles of the 60s, which is as relevant as ever nowadays, in this time of Black Lives Matter battles. It’s not a particularly romantic first dance track, but it certainly cannot be missing from your playlist for your big day if you want something contemporary and with a strong message.

The best-animated film soundtrack (Best Animated Feature Film) gave us some fascinating ideas for a wedding party aperitif playlist with its rich jazz atmosphere. The award-winning movie is “Soul”, produced by Disney Pixar, highly praised by audiences and critics (should come as no surprise, it also won the Oscar for best animated movie). 

Worth of mention, “Soul” soundtrack includes jazz pieces by Jon Batiste and new age atmospheres by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (the piano played in Epiphany is very touching would be perfect for a civil ceremony: at ProfessionalWeddingDJ we also got this covered).  We should also mention a rearranged version of “It’s All Right” by The Impressions, a track that dates back to 1963. Sticking to the Jazz music subject, contaminated with ’30s and ’40s Swing style, the soundtrack of a film that did not win any awards, though we should not exclude it, will be very successful: Mank, directed by David Fincher. The movie tells the story of the life of the screenwriter Mankiewicz, and is set in 1941. We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ

love Swing, which is an excellent opportunity for “getting jiggy” with style and class while having fun! 

A soundtrack packed with R&B and soul classics is Spike Lee’s “5 Bloods” set in the Vietnam War. It is not easy to pick a song that best captures its spirit, but two of Marvin Gaye’s “gems” are truly unforgettable: Got To Give It Up (an amazing piece from 1977) and Inner City Blues from 1971, taken from arguably his most iconic album: What’s Going On. Also, this American artist in 1973 composed “Let’s get it on”, a hymn to love, perfect for the cutting of the cake: we have played it on several occasions, and the result is guaranteed. Below, a piece of the lyrics of the song:

There’s nothing wrong with me

Loving you, baby no no

And giving yourself to me can never be wrong

If the love is true, oh baby

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