OSRS Agility Training to 99 Tips

OSRS Agility Training to 99 Tips

Training Agility is vital for using shortcuts and more in OSRS.

Agility is one of the many skills that you are able to train in Old School Runescape. It’s also one of the most effective out of all those available. So much so that you may even find players investing OSRS gold into the methods that are used to get to 99. If you’re searching for quick ways to get your character up to 99 Agility, then these tips may be of some use to you.

About Agility Training

When it comes to training your Agility skill in the game, you will find that you are doing single point clicks frequently, especially if you really want to utilise the best methods. The reason as to why so many players choose to focus on levelling Agility is down to just how useful it can be. Having high levels of agility will provide you with more energy for running, and perhaps more importantly, opens up a variety of shortcuts for you to take advantage of.

With that being said, you should prepare for Agility training accordingly. Having as little weight as possible and using stamina potions as you run will work well. Whilst it may seem like a good idea to train other skills at the same time, it may prove to be detrimental to you. This is because in some cases, there are skills that will actually slow down your Agility experience.

Start With Questing

When you begin from level 1, you can take your skills all the way up to 33 fairly quickly through questing. The first levels can benefit from quests that give you Agility experience, such as The Depths of Despair and The Grand Tree amongst others, to get past those initial levels. This takes you to roughly a third of your journey to 99, so be sure to take a look into these quests.

Barbarian Fishing

Once you hit level 33, you can then move onto activities such as Barbarian Fishing. This activity grants passive Agility experience, though it would in this case be beneficial to have a couple of other skills up to scratch. Particularly if you are levelling fishing, you can use Barbarian Fishing to get it up to level 99, which will then increase your Agility level all the way up to 74 in the process.

A key point about this is that not only are you going to be fishing for stuff that you would normally use your OSRS gp to buy, but you’re also boosting your Agility as well. Therefore, it’s best for you to train the Fishing skill first as it will save you many hours of time.

Rooftop Courses

You may be aware already that there are many Agility Courses for you to run through when playing Old School Runescape. If you’ve been going through to the higher levels and looking for a couple of courses for the home stretch, then there’s choices available to you.

From level 75, you can take on the Prifddinas course. You need to have completed the Elves’ Song beforehand to use this course. You’ll be searching for crystal shards for portals throughout your run that can be used as quicker ways of getting through. There will be around 12 shards to encounter each hour, meaning that you will be getting roughly 53,000 XP per hour, which increases by over 10,000 when you surpass level 90.

An earlier option would be the Course of Werewolf Agility. This course is considered to be the very best when it comes to earning experience in Agility from level 60 all the way to the max level. To traverse this course, we’ll need to have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest first of all. Then once you’ve done so and equipped the Charos ring, you can then start racking up those experience points.

The minimum level requirement for doing this course is 60. You’re going to be bringing in around 50,000 experience or more on an hourly basis, going up to 67,000+ when your level has increased. One potential issue of this course is that there aren’t any marks of grace that can appear. But when you take into account the amount of experience you get from it in general, it is a more than viable option for agility training.

Be sure to have enough currency with you throughout Agility training too. Even if you have to buy OSRS gold, as you’ll need plenty of OSRS items for sale such as potions and food. If you do find a site that has reliable OSRS gold for sale, it’s worth looking at if you are short on gold.

Have you tried these Agility methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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