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bitcoin wallet

BITCOIN WALLET! A digital Journey

How Do I Create my First Bitcoin Wallet? A bitcoin wallet is just like an online bank account, but for bitcoins. With your wallet you can receive, send and manage…

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choose braodband

Choosing the Right Broadband

Everything about broadband internet There are different types of connections to access the internet. Originally there was only the analog dial-up connection, nowadays there are faster alternatives. Everyone can choose…

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Residential Development: That's How You Do it 1

Residential Development: That’s How You Do it

Residential Development: that’s how you do it Buy a piece of land and build your own house. Many people dream of this. How do you ensure that that dream comes…

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Building Effective Home 2

Building Effective Home

How do I use my construction budget effectively? What are the largest cost items in the construction budget for building your house and what can you save well in? I…

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best residence


WHERE TO STAY IN BALI: BEST PLACES  Tropical Bali has a special place in my heart. For two months I ‘lived’ there as a Digital Nomad and fell in love…

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