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Hot Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends for 2022

Jewelry designers draw from a variety of sources for inspiration. In 2022, it appears they are looking back a few decades when creating new pieces. Many of the items seen…

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Planning a Trip to Hawaii

Planning a Trip to Hawaii: The Key Steps to Take

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii for any reason, you’re in for an adventure. This incredible island has something for everyone, from peaceful resorts to adrenaline-fueled water sports. Visiting Hawaii…

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What Is a Vagus Nerve

What Is a Vagus Nerve?

There are 10 cranial nerves in your nervous system. The vagus nerve is number 10. It is an important nerve for our bodies as we depend on it for many reasons. Knowing…

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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Are you planning on writing a dissertation? It can be a daunting task. From the outside looking in, writing a dissertation might look like a breeze. You get to choose…

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Choose a College

How to Choose a College That’ll Carry You to Your Dream Career

Education isn’t about learning facts and figures. As the modern world changes, so too does what the employers of the future need from their employees. Yet most people still major…

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Top Reasons to Visit Africa

World Traveler: Top Reasons to Visit Africa

Deciding to go on a vacation of a lifetime can be hard: there are so many options when it comes to where you can travel. Are you considering Africa as…

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Mindfulness vs. Meditation

Mindfulness vs. Meditation: What Are the Differences?

As a society, we’re more stressed out and anxious than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it’s been estimated that 87% of Americans are stressed over the last…

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How Do I Buy Gold Bars

How Do I Buy Gold Bars?

Did you know that gold is a form of currency in many cultures? It’s true! Gold was readily accessible and easy to mine. People have used it as a form of wealth…

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Best Results With Smile Makeovers

How to Achieve the Best Results With Smile Makeovers

Do you consider yourself a happy person? If a big smile of confidence is your usual expression, then you’re likely a happy person. But are you confident in your smile?…

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The Different Types of Workplace Injuries Explained

Did you know that every year, more than six million people get injured while at work? That’s a huge number and it shows that injuries at work are very common….

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