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Luxury Beauty Cosmetic- Beauty at Home 1

Luxury Beauty Cosmetic- Beauty at Home

As always at the center of the event there will be beauty, in all its facets, an event not to be missed for all professionals in the sector who in…

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car insurance

Who is Car Insurance for?

Who is Car Insurance for? If this decision is adopted, young people may thus be authorized to drive alone from the age of 17, but only on the national territory,…

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black thorn

Durian Creates Thorny Environmental in Malaysia

Durian rush creates thorny environmental problems in Malaysia Rising demand from China sparks interest in the stinky fruit and concerns that rapid expansion will put forests at risk. Raub, Malaysia…

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durian ioi

The Top 5 Durians in Malaysia

The Top 5 Durians in Malaysia and where to find them For many of the country’s best durian producers, the inaugural Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival & Awards 2018, held…

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durian hitam

Durian Threatens Malaysian Forests

Chinese appetite for Durian Threatens Malaysian Forests The growing Chinese appetite for durian, an oblong fruit with a tenacious odor, is accused of causing a new wave of deforestation in…

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Demand for Durian Fruit

Best-smeller: Malaysia cashes in on Chinese demand for durian fruit The stinky, spiky durian will become Malaysia’s next big export as the south-east Asian nation rushes to develop thousands of…

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blood clot

Phlebitis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Phlebitis. More commonly known as venous thrombosis, is a cardiovascular disorder due to blockage of a vein by a blood clot, most often in the leg and calf. The point…

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audible books

Around the World in 80 Audible Books

Around the World in 80 Audible Books How about going around the world using audio books? Discover below the best of international literature and our selection of un fish-able foreign…

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Matthew Najar – Fintech is Critical for our Generation 3

Matthew Najar – Fintech is Critical for our Generation

Governments in major economies are encouraging financial technology (fintech) innovation with regulatory and advisory initiatives designed to accelerate the availability of online payment solutions and other financial services for businesses. The initiatives…

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Punishment for Impersonation 4

Punishment for Impersonation

Could Mayor Aboussa soon be charging Former campaign manager Zion Smith for impersonating the government? Mayor Folly H Aboussa in a short interview on Friday March 20th explained that after…

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