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Blood Clot

Phlebitis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Phlebitis. More commonly known as venous thrombosis, is a cardiovascular disorder due to blockage of a vein by a blood clot, most often in the leg and calf. The point…

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Audible Books

Around the World in 80 Audible Books

Around the World in 80 Audible Books How about going around the world using audio books? Discover below the best of international literature and our selection of un fish-able foreign…

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Matthew Najar – Fintech Is Critical For Our Generation 1

Matthew Najar – Fintech is Critical for our Generation

Governments in major economies are encouraging financial technology (fintech) innovation with regulatory and advisory initiatives designed to accelerate the availability of online payment solutions and other financial services for businesses. The initiatives…

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Punishment For Impersonation 2

Punishment for Impersonation

Could Mayor Aboussa soon be charging Former campaign manager Zion Smith for impersonating the government? Mayor Folly H Aboussa in a short interview on Friday March 20th explained that after…

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Toronto Music

Toronto Music Producer Angel Milan Beats is an R&B Hit maker!

Toronto Music Producer Angel Milan Beats is an R&B Hit maker! Hottest upcoming music producer Angel Milan Beats can’t stop making Rnb hits. The talented producer, who was born and…

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Personal Finance

What are Personal Finances?

Definition of Personal Finances Personal Finance is about managing and using your money. How much money do you have, how much do you expect to get and how can you…

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Difference between Animation and Regular Video

The Biggest Difference between Animation Video and Regular Video Video has become the most important medium when it comes to information transfer in recent years. Animation videos are now the…

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