PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware

PC Konfigurator

Gaming is surely one of the most captivating activities we can live daily, even though a phone.

We began with very simple things such as 1972’s Pong, and now we are capable of creating open worlds and absorbing experiences, even Universes, if you look at Kerbal Space Program.

We believe anyone deserves this little dream, and to enjoy the fun of nowadays technology.

But not always it is easy to achieve the things you like, and this is the reason behind this article, which will hopefully give you the means to reach your goals by relying more on yourself than on the market.

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 1

Purchasing a Gaming pc is renowned to be way ahead of many economic possibilities, especially now, in 2021, which sees the tech industry as one of the most expensive in the market. We know, finding a good-quality device can be very harsh, as many of the options out there tend to drain one’s wallet.

Many of the products can easily reach even more than $ 2000 or $3000, and they of course are good quality, but good quality does exist also in different choices, the ones we’ll be depicting.

Yet, there is a way out of this circle, and to do a favor to your savings, a good choice would be that of building your own custom computer.

Patient, of course, will be needed, as a PC is a kind of a complicated machine, but by abiding by our steps, you will succeed in crafting your next gaming experience with the only use of your hands and the right mindset.

Not only you’ll be saving money in the time being: if you now bought a great, expensive, or even cheap device in the market, you would end up buying a new one in the matter of not more than two years.

Why? Constant updates, bettering of hardware will make your new PC old. But with your own computer, every time you see an improved component, you can certainly buy that without buying a new whole computer.

PC konfigurator is cost-efficient, and then you can freely personalize and customize it to better meet with your expectations.

We can even talk about satisfaction and fun. Through our help and information, you have the chance to come into play, and invest your time in learning your next game. Scroll down and start creating your own, deserved fun.

What are you going to be needing?

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 2

You must lie on the foundations of the road, before starting to walk, you don’t want to waste your money at a bad expense. Clear ideas can really make the difference between either a bad or a good choice.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. What do I need?
  3. What GPU could be enough for the performance I expect from my Games?
  4. What hardware can I get, will I play in 1080p definition and just use a medium one?

Good quality can even come with medium prices, and there are many options to buy a serious but cheap hardware without losing our Computer’s performance.

Most important, if you want or can spend a bit more, do focus on the CPU (Central Processor Unit) and the MotherBoard. The CPU is going to be the brain doing calculations for your games. That is the core of a computer. Don’t panic, we’ll deal with all that you need. “This is the time to learn…”

Before diving into the assembly, let’s first have a look at the matter. Awareness is a key for your win. About hardware and specific details, a must to know. One needs first to see the different components working in a computer.

Every component has to co-work with others, as with what happens between a CPU and a Motherboard. No element, furthermore, could function without relying on the MotherBoard.

These are the hardwares that must present in your machine, and that are installed in most of market’s computers, each one scrutinized below:

A Case : of course, we need a fitting environment to host our precious components. They need to be sheltered and protected from damaging agents, such as dust, which is the first enemy of Computers. A Case is also an aesthetic choice, and some models are already provided with fans working for an additional cooling. 

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 3

Cases are one of the most customizable parts of a PC, so you can buy one in every shape  and dimension you wish. There is not a deep difference at all between an expensive one and a cheaper one: they are all designed for hosting the same components. Also consider another important feature you should search for: the cooling. Many will come with fans already present, and that can turn out to be useful. Cooling and air circulation may be very important when choosing your Case. If you’re searching for enough cooling for any system, you’ll want to keep an eye on a  Mid Tower  Size  [ soon discussed down below:1 ] Case that will come to you provided with a few fans.

But in the case you’re looking for more cooling, then you need to see if you get enough space within it for another cooling system.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Cases. Find the right one, and then you’re good to go. Just foresee where your components are to be put, so that you can understand if what you had bought can fit into it: this is called a Computer Form Factor.

This factor will mostly be depending on your MotherBoard size.

Sizes do have their names: we have, for instance: ATX, MicroATX, or Mini-ITX. You will probably bump into other new terms, such as “Full Tower”, “Mid Tower”[1], “Mini Tower” etc. These are simply describing the size of a given PC Case that will belong to the above standard sizes.

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 4

A further explanation is that a Mid Tower PC Case oftentimes includes all ATX sized motherboards.

Here you can get more in regards of the given information:

RAM: RAM stands for “Random Access Memory”, because it is a volatile and quick memory.

Indeed, it will be your Gaming Device’s short memory. Thanks to the RAM, data which are frequently used are always going to be easily accessible.

  • What Ram does is temporarily create a virtual space?
  • where your Processor stores data in order for you to access it as quickly as possible for a continual experience?

It is also a very important component, and the more capable RAM is, the more your games are going to be enjoyable and fluid. It actually  helps the computer to have a faster and better response to the game itself.

Most Gaming Devices will have a 16GB  RAM, but in Gaming if you can go for a 32GB one, since the more, the better, as we said. Gaming is Gaming, go for as much as you can, if you will.

RAM memory is also one of the easiest hardware to update in a Computer, as it can be implemented time by time, like a modular device. In any way, more RAM you own and longer your computer will be viable for. A great RAM means that you are able to run many programs at once. In relation to the RAM, it has to be supported by the MotherBoard, or this last one will not recognise your Random Access Memory. RAM speed can’t be faster than the one supported by your computer. We are talking about a limit for MHz.

When you look at a RAM speed and you see something like  “DDR4 4000” it just means that this kind of memory can work at a frequency of 4000MHz. Higher the value, higher the data transfer as well.

To get the best performance, this Volatile Memory can have a maximum frequency of 5000MHz, but not fall behind 2133MHz either.

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 5

If you have a good budget, we sincerely suggest you to search for a RAM that has Heat Spreaders: they are added in most expensive range modules to spread the heat unleashed meanwhile that the RAM is running.

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 6

GPU stands for “Graphics Processing Unit”, one of the names given to a graphic card.

You can hear this component as also “Video Card”.

A GPU is built and set within your Case to put graphics on your screen, and charge every pixel composing your video game in every invisible frame, which is faster than a blink.

In a simpler way, this component  will handle displaying images on your PC. The more elaborate and complex these images are, the more power you’ll need to get  from your GPU. The two major names in the graphics card industry are Nvidia and AMD.

Oftentimes the Case is gonna arrive already provided with a Video Card, but that is not going to be enough power for you to play more detailed, realistic and demanding graphics.

You may need to buy your own GPU.

Going on, there’s a reason for which it is better a dedicated graphic card.

In fact there might be an issue ahead: Most of the time integrated GPUs will turn out to have a limited “embedded memory” and will start making use of the available RAM. Before acquiring your GPU, there’s a need to check whether it comes with the connections you have and need in either case with the monitor you are using and the motherboard  you have picked up.

Usually GUPs will own a couple of options for your video output that is a display port, a DVI ( Digital Visual Interface) or HDMI and others which are going to generally connect to the motherboard via a port like PCIe 4.0, otherwise 3.0 port.

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 7

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3070, a good quality, not pricey Video Card for your custom computer, provided with a co-processor TITAN RXT by Nvidia.

A great GPU will also help you in case you’re a Video Editor. In closing, remind yourself that a discrete GPU is a processor coming in its own circuit board, that is then plugged into a PCI Express Slot on your Motherboard.

Nowadays, there’s been a war between the biggest companies providing Video Cards, but it seems that the most community actually seeking for performance prefers to rely on Nvidia. The Graphic Card is always pricey, and it will be most likely either the most expensive or second most expensive purchase in your gaming pc build overall.

What you can do is to focus your money on certain aspects instead of less important details, and

one just needs to set and understand his/her gaming goals, then a good option can easily be found.

CPU means brain!

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 8

Yes, it really does.  And this little but powerful brain dwells in the motherboard, and that’s also way such power is not cheap.

Yet,this component deserves well-spent money, as it will drastically affect your gaming experience.

The cost for an effective, high-end CPU is not cheap, but a mid-range Intel-Core I5 will definitely do the job.

The CPU is nothing else but The Central Processing Unit, essentially the “brain” thinking for the whole system, and allowing all the processes involved in your activity to occur in the proper way.

This Central Unit is going to perform any logical/mathematical tasks and classify information in the most productive and effective fashion.

This masterpiece of electronics brings a long story with it, but we just need to focus on technical aspects and terms, such as CPU Socket Type.  Socket Types simply refers to the “shapes” of your processor, and how this is going to dwell in the motherboard. You need to  know about the CPU Socket Type, this way you can purchase a compatible motherboard, provided with the matching socket type.

You may even bump into the term “dual-core processors”  or “quad-core processors”

When a CPU is said to be Dual Core, that means that it has two distinct processors that work simultaneously in the same integrated circuit.

It follows that such typology of processors can execute operations up to twice as quickly.

We then have the Operating Frequency, which is the inner frequency by which a Processor’s core works.

Fundamentally, the higher is the reachable value of frequency in a given component, the faster it will behave.  3 Ghz is a very good CPU operating frequency, but even less can nicely work.

 Provided that you have the possibility, try to get a CPU that has a Cooling Device ( heatsink or fan) and a TDP( aka Thermal Design Power); since the first one will be the component charged with cooling  and dissipating your Central Processor’s heat when being used.

Many CPUs come with a Cooling System already installed, but if that’s not your case, you’ll need to buy one separately.

Among the many Coolers available, you’ll also find liquid coolers: it works the same.

In regards to Fans, the market is filled with these devices, of any taste and price.

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 9

The Motherboard is simply  a massive circuit board that links all the components that build your Computer, and its purpose is to allow fast communication between all the present hardware. How does this communication occur?  Through unseen, incredibly small and differentiated electronic circuits named as BUSes,  which constantly carry data?

Even with this hardware, prices can go from the lowest all the way up,  where you mostly find very enriched motherboards.

PC Konfigurator- Best practice with computer hardware 10

Once you have chosen the Processor, the next step is to select all of the compatible motherboards based on the given “Socket Type”, because as said above, not every Central Unit is going to work with every motherboard. You also ought to choose the features you’re interested in.

Pre-built Computer and Configuring PC

There are two possibilities. You can assemble your computer yourself by using the PC Configurator. In that case, the operation is intuitive, but you won’t demand specialized skills. Or select a computer program that has previously configured. Regardless of how you choose, we will assist you with qualified support and service. You can pick any device without the PC configurator. You may decide safely and efficiently, in which quality brand components will be there on your desired PC.

The decision is entirely up to you. If you decide to go with one of those systems.

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