Perks of Living on Top of the City – Buying a Penthouse

Perks of Living on Top of the City – Buying a Penthouse

Among all types of luxury and furnished apartments, a penthouse will always come on top. There are many reasons why, the view, the lavish lifestyle, and the high of living on top of the world. With a penthouse, you can see the world from the top perspective and never get bored of the picturesque scenes. A penthouse never ceases to amaze its residence from dawn till dusk and late in the night under the sky. Being in a penthouse detaches you from the hustle and bustle of the city and, at the same time giving you the full view of the life below; this is what we call the best of both worlds. 

Definition of a Penthouse:

We all know penthouses are cool, but what are the characteristics of a penthouse? Any apartment that is located on top of the building is a penthouse, but that’s not all; it is also the most spacious and the most luxurious of the lot. Apart from that, a penthouse with amazing views in Dubai, open-air spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and ample sunlight to make you go gaga over your living space. From striking city views to mesmerizing sea views, a penthouse has a lot to offer to its dwellers. Depending upon the apartments and the amenities it has to offer, all modern-day penthouses come with furnished spaces packed with all necessary appliances and living quarters for servants. 

In the past, a penthouse used to be the apartment on top of a building; however, in the modern-day, it has become a status symbol. It’s the most dolled-up and lavish part of the building, mostly reserved for the city’s elite. 

It Costs More:

As the penthouse is the most spacious and luxurious part of the apartment, it would obviously cost more than the rest of the apartments in the community or building. A penthouse, on average, is 5 to 15 per cent more per square foot than the rest of the flats in the building. The floors underneath may be the same size, but still, a penthouse will cost more than it. 

Apart from that, the location of the penthouse also matters when it comes to calculating its value. A penthouse in Dubai will cost you more if it’s near the marina. Similarly, penthouses of famous cities like New York will cost you more than others in remote and lesser-known areas. Less populated areas tend to have lower value; hence buying a penthouse in such areas is easier than buying a penthouse in the center of the city.

Living a life of luxury has more benefits than drawbacks; here are some of the many benefits of living in a penthouse. 

Advantages of Living In a Penthouse:

Astounding Views:

No matter where your penthouse is, there is no denying the fact that it will come with the best views of the city. Whether you have your apartment near the coast or in the middle of the city, you will wake up to the best views of the area. With the skyline, panorama views of the heavens above, as well as the mesmerizing lights of the city at night, there will be a new view every couple of hours. Most modern-day penthouses are designed to showcase the 360-degree view of the surrounding. Hence they have plenty of floor to ceiling windows so that you can enjoy the view from any corner of the house. 

Luxurious Lifestyle:

As mentioned above, penthouses aren’t just for the view; they are also to mark your branded lifestyle. Penthouses nowadays are the standard of luxury living. As these come equipped with amenities and are located in the best parts of the cities, these are deemed as the living standards of the elite of the society.  

Privacy And Security:

It’s not only the views and the luxury that makes a penthouse the best place to live, but also the privacy and the security. Most penthouses in famous cities like Dubai and New York come with their own set of elevators and staircases; this means apart from the residents and their guests, none other can use the elevator that leads to the penthouse. Not only that, a penthouse is secluded from the rest of the building; this means you get full privacy in your house. No noisy neighbors, no one disturbing your peace and no one to meddle in your business as you are practically living above the skies. For introverts and lone wolves, a penthouse is the best place to live. 

Status Symbol:

Penthouses have become a status symbol for many; these are luxurious, unique as well as well-furnished. Hence they are the mark of prestige for many. Just as people take pride in their expensive cars and watches and take pride in their homes, having a penthouse is no less than having a vintage car. You can impress your guests, have raving parties and become a status symbol with your luxurious penthouse. 

Amenities And Services:

Most penthouses come with the status symbol, but they also come with services and amenities that aren’t offered to all community residents. All these extra amenities that others might have to pay for come free with the penthouse for its residents. These may include parking, access to the gym, Spa and pools as well as concierge, private entrance, added security and a private elevator. All these are the perks that you can enjoy free cost when you buy the penthouse in your building.


All in all, there are many perks of buying or renting a penthouse. However, there are a few disadvantages as well.

  • Living on top of the building means you will pay more utility than the rest as the direct sunlight may keep your house warmer than the rest of the floors. The rent is always pricier, and with the spiked utility bills, this can get a bit more expensive.
  • Penthouses are always high in demand, so that you may have the money, but buying a penthouse still depends on availability. As these don’t stay on the market for long, there is always a shortage of penthouse sin prime locations.
  • Many famous penthouses come with rooftop bars and cafes owned by the building; this means you will have to compromise with the noise of people coming, going and partying right above your head.

Apart from these few drawbacks, a penthouse is the most luxurious and ideal place to live.

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