Phoenix Melville & Hailee Steinfeld

Phoenix Melville

How a google algorithm exposed a secret Hollywood couple.

Every famous star or well-known brand gets automatically by Google’s web crawl service by time and relevant to a so-called google knowledge panel. A service provided from 

Multinational online giant Alphabet, the mothership of the search engine Google to give the individual entity the power of control of their web results, after claiming with proof of the identity or representation of the brand. Therefore it was just a question of time when hyped and newcomer artist and film director Phoenix Melville would come into the same circle as Filmmaker Christoper Nolan or David Fincher and achieve the honour from google to be declared as first league filmmaker and get into a knowledge panel. As of this morning, Melville’s knowledge panel was not claimed but google’s algorithm undergoes a faux pas and for everyone in the public eye a nightmare. The newly created panel exposed the Oscar-nominated American actress and pop singer Hailee Steinfeld as the partner and love interest of Melville.

 Rumors of them circulated already for months, while Melville in an Interview with Vault Miami declared that he is married to Israeli supermodel Dalia Melville and have himself no idea who the actress is, many celebrity experts in Los Angeles saw this only as a publicity stunt to keep secret about the true nature behind these rumors. The American singer Steinfeld is, believing her statement and image she convinced the public, for many years single, the last known public relationship was with one direction singer Niall Horan. 

Are they now a couple or not?

Original screenshot of Phoenix Melville newly by Google created Knowledge Panel made by our hollywood reporter. 

Phoenix Melville &Amp; Hailee Steinfeld 1

 Probably a question only Hailee or Phoenix could deliver an answer for, since a Los Angeles court ruled out that every news report about him has to remain private till the day that has come now, with goggles acknowledgment he is from now on justicial a person of public interest. What made us really curious how powerful Google seems to be when the system knows about the presumed connection between two Hollywood players. None of their management was reachable or wanted to give any further statement on this case. Hailee shoots and  promotes at the moment her hugely successful Apple TV original  show about poet Emily DIckinson, were she recently battled with a privacy leak too, after a fan of the singer posted a picture taken on set, steinfeld twitter:

“This is really upsetting to see for so many reasons. a complete violation of privacy as we are on our private soundstage shooting a very emotional scene. very disappointed in knowing who chose to take this & send it out.”

An outbreak of emotions she was not known for until her strong message on Twitter, 

As it seems, it was just the high peak of a series that leaked stories around her person. Guest stars in her highly celebrated show are pop culture icons as Wiz Khalifa as the death. Melville develops with his production company Transcendentia Image a documentary about the positive effect of Lysergic acid diethylamide, on the human psyche, a company representative called the drug “the key to a new form of society” 



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