Popular Fishing Rods and How to Use Them

Popular Fishing Rods and How to Use Them

Fishing from horizonfishing.com is an extremely enjoyable sport that has been enjoyed by people of all kinds and ages for hundreds, if not thousands of years. With the advancements in technology and fishing tactics, there have been many interesting additions to the fishing equipment that has benefited the fishing community at large. 

For those who are new to fishing or want to refresh their knowledge of fishing gear, they must evaluate popular fishing rods and review how they are used. Here is a quick guide to help you through the rudiments of making use of some essential fishing gear.

What are Fishing Rods?

As their name suggests, fishing rods are a piece of fishing equipment that are used to catch fish. They are typically made of a rod, stick, or a pole that is connecting to the line that ends in a hook to attach itself to nearby fish. While choosing between casting rod vs spinning rod, it is important to consider the expertise of those fishing as well as the fishing conditions. 

Here is a quick guide on the most popular kinds of fishing rods. 

  • Spinning Rod: if you’re new to fishing, it is probably best that you consider a spinning rod. These rods are great for lighter fish and subsequently the use of lighter lures. Moreover, they have a longer range of access. 
  • Bait-casting Rod: these rods are for more experienced fishing folk as the rod deals with heavier lures and is known for its precision when cast over a smaller distance. Its ability to withstand heavier lures and stronger fish makes it a good choice for those aiming to catch larger fish such as b ass. 

How to Use Fishing Rods? 

Different fishing rods are put to use in various ways, particularly depending on the type of fishing at hand. Bear in mind that specific rods ask for a certain kind of reel to work efficiently.  

  • Spinning Rod: ideally paired with a spinning reel on its underside, spinning rods typically face downward especially when fighting a large fish. Remember to attach live bait at the end of the line to tempt the fish. 
  • Bait-casting Rod: position the reel seat so that the rod guide faces upward. Attach the bait, weight, and lures making sure that they are suitable for the rod itself. 

Taking Care of Fishing Rods

As you can guess, fishing rods are an investment that can give back to you every time you go fishing: only, the big catch is keeping them in good condition. Here are some things that you can do to ensure your fishing rods are always ready for action. 

  • Place the rods in a straight position to prevent any bending
  • Cover them in some mesh when not in use to prevent tangles
  • Once used, make sure to remove and untangle any hooks and lures that may be on it 
  • Rinse the rod thoroughly with clean water to prevent rusting
  • Store in a cool, dry place


As you have seen, to have a successful fishing expedition it is important to understand the workings of different kinds of fishing rods so that you can make well-informed catches. Not many people realize the importance of choosing the right fishing rod when it comes to fishing in different locations for different kinds of fish. 

While heavier fish require weightier fishing rods that can withstand the pressure of a resisting fish, it is more convenient to have stronger, more sensitive fishing rods while fishing for smaller fish. Hope this guide helps you decide which fishing rod is ideal for your use, and how you can use it to its full advantage. Happy fishing!

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