Motivational story of Social Media Star Waleed Al Nahdi

Prank And Comedy

Motivational story of Social Media Star Waleed Al Nahdi

Ask your friends for help if you ever need it. If you get help from a friend, split the steps equally between the two of you to be fair. Be a good thinker. Large pranksters can find quite impressive pranks. If you want to be a big joker, you will have to do it too. You will also need to be able to think outside the box. Keep your pranks secret. Don’t say more than you need to. Your prank could be ruined if you are not careful!

Always think twice before doing anything. Don’t save the embarrassing achievement for later! Shut up, shut up. Staggering prematurely can kill a perfectly executed prank. Don’t laugh, breathe deeply and think of something completely different. Imagine how you would behave if you were not aware of the joke. Pranks must be executed with care so that no one is angry or hurt. At worst, the person should roll their eyes with a warm smile. But if you make a mistake and cross that invisible line, you need to be ready to sincerely apologize and help quickly repair the damage, if possible. Don’t spend too much money on a prank. You don’t want to overdo it on a single prank – keep pranks cheap! Be quick and efficient. Don’t sacrifice the stuffing just to be able to make some trivial finishing touches. Think about the stuffing ahead of time to get everything you need and enough time.

Today 28 years old Walid Al-Nahdi expressed his feeling about the start of his journey with Zobuz.

Walid: My name is Walid Al-Nahdi, and I am National of Yemen, currently living in United Arab Emirates.

When was your start in the field of social media and did you find difficulty being in it?

Walid: Yes There were many difficulties in the beginning, and I started in 2014. I had some difficulties in my beginnings. Including how the followers start coming to my page and following me I felt happy but It is a huge responsibility and difficult for you to make all people of different opinions admire you.

What is your field in Social Media, what have you provided?

Walid: I do comedy videos and awareness clips at the same time. Thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m good in.

What was the most successful video?

Walid: The most successful video for me is a video during the Kiki phenomenon, and it achieved many views, among which the number of my followers has increased tremendously.

What are your YouTube accounts and what do you offer?

Walid: I have one account for me in the name of Walid Al-Nahdi and I present pranks and challenges with friends, and many fans loved to watch them on YouTube.

What is your wish and dream in life?

Walid: My wish in life is to be a successful person, in my life and I achieve many successes and reach stardom.

What is your ambition in social media?

Walid: Being loved by people is the most things that I think of and consider it my ambition to win the love of people and to be loved.

Is there a way to enter the world of cinema?

Walid: Yes, I would like to enter, but I am waiting for the appropriate opportunity because I have the talent and the camera is my friend and I have the experience necessary to become a movie actor.

What are the negative things that you faced in the field of Social Media?

Walid: Thank God there are no negative problems you have encountered so far.

Who do you follow in Social media on a daily basis?

Walid: There is no specific person but I follow different personalities on a daily basis

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