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Apple’s AirPods have become omnipresent in our everyday lives, but their expensive price tag might make them out of reach for certain users. Thankfully, there are affordable methods to improve your AirPods. We’ll look at two well-liked choices in this article: PodSwap and AirPods resale.

Describe PodSwap.

With the help of the PodSwap service, you may exchange your old AirPods for a pair of refurbished ones at a lower cost. The procedure is straightforward: after receiving your old AirPods, PodSwap will send you a set that has been fully cleaned and tested. The pair is reconditioned and has a 90-day guarantee as well as a new battery.

How does PodSwap function?

You must go to their website and choose the type of AirPods you presently own in order to utilise PodSwap. You’ll next be asked a few questions regarding the state of your AirPods, including whether or not they still function and whether or not they have any visible flaws. Based on the state of your AirPods, PodSwap will give you a quotation for your trade-in.

You must submit your old AirPods to PodSwap if you accept the quote. They’ll send you a pair of refurbished AirPods within three business days of receiving your old ones. Also, you have the option to add extras to your order, such as a charging case or ear tips.

What are AirPods being sold for?

Reselling old AirPods is a method to sell them for money. You can sell your AirPods on a number of online markets, including eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Your ability to get a fair price for your AirPods will rely on a number of variables, including their state and the level of market demand.

How does selling used AirPods work?

You must make a listing on an internet marketplace in order to sell your AirPods. Your ad should include a thorough explanation of your AirPods’ condition, including any physical defects or battery life problems. Many crisp pictures of your AirPods and any accompanying accessories should also be included.

When a prospective customer makes an offer, you must arrange for payment and shipment. Make sure you ship your AirPods with tracking and insurance, and use a secure payment option like PayPal.


The cost of upgrading your AirPods need not be prohibitive. You may save money and keep up with the times by using services like PodSwap and selling your old AirPods. Be sure to do your homework and select a trustworthy business, whether you decide to trade in your old AirPods or sell them for cash, to guarantee a seamless transaction.

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