Quick Extender Pro 2021 review: DSS system, Packages, Benefits and more

Quick Extender Pro 2021 Review: Dss System, Packages, Benefits And More 1

Quick Extender Pro is the right choice for those who want to use traction technology.

Quick Extender Pro 2021 Review: Dss System, Packages, Benefits And More 2
Quick Extender Pro 2021 Review: Dss System, Packages, Benefits And More 6

The action of the extender is to stretch the penis tissues mechanically. Sometimes such an explanation immediately discourages one’s desire to go further since the pulling effect is primarily associated with discomfort. 

However, this is not the case since the technology used in Quick Extender Pro is completely harmless and does not involve injuries. The only thing that it requires from the user is attention to detail and sequence of actions.

You can learn more about Quick Extender Pro on the official site

This means that you should not rush, since the capabilities of the device will already provide significant results, and it is necessary to consistently move from stage to stage in order to achieve permanent results.

The penis stretching technology is used in medicine and in the practice of some people. Some African tribes stretch the earlobes, and in the Eastern part, women are lengthened by the neck. Bone augmentation in complex fractures and alignment of the dentition with the help of braces are based on the same principle.

The technology received official recognition in 2011 when several studies were published confirming its effectiveness. It has been experimentally proven that regular repetition of traction – a daily 4-9 hour action of the penis extender (depending on the period), is sufficient for the condition of the growth of the male organ.  

Quick Extender Pro 2021 Review: Dss System, Packages, Benefits And More 3
Quick Extender Pro 2021 Review: Dss System, Packages, Benefits And More 7

The position of the traction theory suggests: 

  • Attaching the penis extender to the shaft of the genitals so that the traction is evenly distributed.
  • The formation of micro-breaks from traction at the cellular level, which the body’s healing function instantly fills with layers of new cells.
  • Stretching occurs due to the regeneration of breaks, so the result from using the device is irreversible.
  • A change in erectile function occurs due to stretching of the cavernous bodies and stimulation of blood circulation.

In fact, by setting the traction load, the male enlargement and straightening device starts the processes of mitosis and cytokinesis i.e cell division, which are the basis of the technology and the action of the extender, that also bring male traction to a scientifically grounded level.

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Quick Extender Pro key benefits

Usually, penis extenders are presented to beginners as a kind of torture device. But all of this is not about Quick Extender Pro, since the following advantages have won the leader’s position in the market of these devices. Also you can prefer penis enlargement surgery UK for the best results to enhancement and penis lengthening

Maximum traction parameters

Quick Extender Pro combines significant tensile force parameters – up to 4000g and complete safety for the user. There is no reason to worry about the device slipping off or causing pain or discomfort. Regardless of the tension indicators, the manufacturer guarantees the comfort of use, and numerous reviews confirm this.

Special fastening system

Safety of use is not an unfounded promise. The Quick Extender Pro manufacturer has developed a special fastening system(DSS) that provides double girth. It prevents the device from slipping and distributes the force evenly.

Training opportunity

All packages contain a training video course with comprehensive information on the rules and stages of using the device. This greatly simplifies training with the penis extender for beginners and is a source of valuable advice for those already familiar with such devices.

Configuration options

Quick Extender Pro is supplied in several packages, which allows you to select the required configuration, taking into account the purpose and desired traction parameters.

Use it to correct male organ curvature

Quick Extender Pro is one of the few brands that offer a separate penis curvature correction package. It contains the necessary set of accessories that will help get rid of the unpleasant curved defect forever.

Overview of Quick Extender Pro packages

Quick Extender Pro 2021 Review: Dss System, Packages, Benefits And More 4
Quick Extender Pro 2021 Review: Dss System, Packages, Benefits And More 8

Choose your Quick Extender Pro package

The value edition

The starting economy option, which involves:

  • Spare parts – a set of different sizes of extension bars (total 8 – short and long), silicone tubes, gaskets and springs mechanism with a force of up to 3000 g. 
  • Materials – a cover, reference books, educational video content, a diary for planning training and recording results. 
  • Principle of action – suitable for those who take the first steps in correcting the length of the penis, and is able to increase up to 30% of the original size. 
  • Assembly – it is necessary to connect the three main parts of the device in the following order: the thrust ring and the traction mechanism attached to it, supplemented with a number of extenders so that their length is 1 cm longer than the male organ in its relaxed state, the base with holes is attached to the extenders, into which they are pulled two silicone tubes. 

Price: $119. Order Value Edition

The Deluxe Standard Edition

It is an extended starter kit and is the best choice for those who are already familiar with the principle of the penis extender, changing from one model to another, or tuned in for long workouts with increased traction parameters. 

It includes:

  • Spare parts – extension bars (12 in total, including short, long, and medium ones), 6 silicone loops, polyurethane gaskets, and springs calibrated up to 3500g.
  • Materials – a travel case, educational video content, a measuring tape, and a bonus Rizer XL dietary supplements package to restore libido and erectile function. 
  • Principle of operation – a standard package is quite enough for those who have passed the adaptation period or have previously used another model for the full course of using the extender. The increased tension allows you to increase up to 33% of the original size in a reasonably short period; 
  • Assembly – the device is assembled from three parts – a thrust ring, extensions that are added to the traction mechanism, and a base with holes for silicone hinges. After the extenders have selected the required length of the rods and the loops are pulled into the base, the device is put on with both hands so that the thrust ring rests against the pubis, and the base is located just below the glans. 

Price: $179.93. Order Deluxe Standard Edition

The Deluxe Limited Edition

Premium package with extended configuration and reinforced traction springs.

  • Spare parts – 14 extensions for the most accurate tension adjustment, 12 silicone tubes, thick polymer gaskets for greater comfort and two sets of springs calibrated up to 4000g.
  • Materials – a wooden case, educational video content, a measuring tape, 3 packs of Rizer XL erectile dysfunction supplements, and a vacuum pump to improve blood circulation and consolidate the result. 
  • Principle of operation – the complete set will not only provide quick results. Still, it will also serve as their fixation due to a vacuum pump, which can also be alternated with an extender. Also, this package is suitable for those who need erectile dysfunction therapy; 
  • Assembly – a thrust ring with a pulling mechanism must be supplemented with extension rods, on top of which a base with two pairs of holes is put on. Tubes are threaded into them, forming a loop system of attachment on the shaft of the glans. 

Price: $349.93. Order Deluxe Limited Edition

Curvature Correction Editing

This is a specialized package that is designed to correct the curvature of the penis and treatment of Peyronie’s disease with the presence of plaque-like protein seals that cause a curvature of the male organ:

  • Spare parts – 12 extensions, 6 hinges, polyurethane pads, two sets of springs with a caliber of 4000g, and a pair of swivel bars with a twist and tilt function. 
  • Materials – a cover, educational video content, a measuring tape, pack of vitamin E dietary supplements, which is effective against protein seals. 
  • Principle of operation – the design of the penis extender differs from the basic packages in that the rods can be tilted and rotated. This is necessary to turn the male organ in the opposite direction from the angle of inclination and create a traction force in the curvature. 
  • Assembly – the supplied pivot rods are installed on the stop, which enters the base with holes for the hinges. The length of the rods must be adjusted with the help of extenders so that the genitals takes not just an even position, but slightly (until a slight tingling sensation), deviates in the opposite direction. It is then necessary to pass it through the stop and loops and fix it under the head by manually turning the correct position of the the extender. 

Price: $179.99. Order Curvature&Peyronies edition

Quick Extender Pro Curvature&Peyronies edition

Recent studies and numerous polls have shown that women do not like the appearance of a curved penis at all. 

In addition, during sex, a curved male organ is significantly more inferior to a straight one since sex can be of poor quality due to this.

In addition, penis curvature in men can be accompanied by problems with erection.

Not surprisingly, many men are looking to fix this problem with the penis straightener that Quick Extender Pro offers today. The package is called Curvature and Peyronies and aims to provide a full range of tools for natural straightening.

According to statistics, up to 20% of men can have a genetic penis curvature, while at the same time, about 3% of men suffer from Peyronie’s disease. However, some studies even speak of large numbers.

The main fact is that the penis traction technology and the technical characteristics of the Curvature and Peyronies package from Quick Extender Pro give the confidence that these problems, curvature and Peyronie disease, can be tackled by regular use of the extender.

The Quick Extender Pro  penis stretcher acts on a curved male organ according to Newton’s Law, which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

It is this reaction force that effectively straightens and enlarges the male genitals until it is fully aligned. This is how the straightener presented in this release works.

Click here to order Quick Extender Pro Curvature&Peyronie’s Edition

It should be known that Peyronie’s disease is a tissue disease that is accompanied by the growth of fibrous plaques in the soft tissues. Today, different stages of this disease are known, and its more severe cases can be accompanied by pain, the appearance of scar tissue, and even curvature of the male organ in an erogenous state.

The most unpleasant aspect of such reactions is that they can decrease the penis size. As for erectile dysfunction, it can also manifest itself more within stages of Peyronie’s Disease. All these consequences can significantly affect the quality of sex or even make it a very unpleasant process. 

According to the same polls, representatives of the Caucasian race are more prone to this disease. The average age of people suffering from this problem is 25 years.

Peyronies and Curvature Package from the Quick Extender Pro makes this rectifier truly effective, since it removes the effects of the Peyronie’s disease, restores normal erection, straightens the male organ and gets rid of pain during erection, which arises due to fibrous plaques, which this male extender is struggling.

Moreover, the process of traction itself is considered safe for health and is completely natural, which means that you don’t have to worry about side effects if you use the male enlargement device in accordance with the instructions.

It is incredible that such a penis straightening device does not require additional medical advice, the use of any additional methods or products. The cost of a device of this class is only $ 179.99. At the same time, its effectiveness has been confirmed, and a special unique Double Strap Comfort system ensures its accuracy and comfort.

I would also like to say that penis extender itself is a type 1 medical device, which affirms its classification of treatment.

You can purchase the device on the official QuickExtenderPro website.

How to use Quick Extender Pro and when to expect results?

Using an extender involves following a few simple rules that will definitely help you achieve the desired result.

Terms of use

To develop a habit of training and enable you to follow your dream step by step, you must:

  • Increase the load gradually.
  • In the duration of the training, move from less to more, from 40 minutes to an hour on the first day, up to 4-6 hours by the end of 2 months and 9 hours by the end of the third month.
  • Take breaks during one workout – 5-10 minutes once or twice.
  • Observe the training regimen – at least 5 – 6 times a week;
  • Combine the use of an extender with additional techniques such as using a male pump or massage technique, as well as taking dietary supplements (optional, but significantly accelerating the result).

It is necessary to take into account that everyone’s susceptibility is different. Perhaps the first month will not bring the WOW effect as expected, but the average results are approximately as follows:

  • At the end of the first month, you can gain up to 1 cm in length; the modesty of the numbers is caused by the passage of adaptation and a gradual increase in the load.
  • By the end of the third month, the beginning of the peak of growth allows for a result of up to 2.5 cm in length and 3 cm in girth.
  • At the end of the 6th month, you can increase your penis length by up to 5 cm in length and up to 4 cm in girth.

It is important to understand that in many ways, the final penis enlargement or straightening result depends on the user’s discipline, the condition of the skin and the use of aids that accelerate the growth of the male organ.

DSS(Double strap support) technology by Quick Extender Pro in detail

The DSS mount, which is used in the penis extender, offers dual control of device sliding. It also simplifies hygiene and ensures exercise safety. 

Outwardly, it assumes two loops attached to the base and are located under the glans at a distance from each other.

Thanks to the DSS dual control system:

  • The load is distributed evenly along the shaft of the penis since the effort falls on not one but two loops.
  • There is no risk of the device slipping.
  • The male stretcher can be used in everyday life.
  • The risk of injury is significantly reduced.

Click here to learn more about the DSS technology

7 features of Quick Extender Pro that make it stand out

Quick Extender Pro’s use for lengthening and correcting the curvature has significant advantages, thanks to which the result from using the device can be achieved quickly enough and without traumatic situations.

  1. Convenience

The double attachment system and the use of polyurethane pads make the Quick Extender Pro almost invisible on the male organ since the two silicone bands do not cause numbness and squeezing of the penis.

  • Efficiency

Significant tension parameters provide the fastest possible results with a disciplined approach to using the extender.

  • The ability to customize the device for yourself

The manufacturer offers a choice of 4 packages, which include, among other things, the springs of the mechanism of different calibers, as well as extension sets, with which you can choose the ideal option.

  • Accessories

The Quick Extender Pro packages include not only components but also accessories that simplify the use of the penis extender. Made of hypoallergenic polyurethane, they minimize contact of the device with the skin of the genitals and allow comfortable use of the device in everyday life or during leisure time.

  • Fast results

You can enlarge or straighten your penis in just 6 months. You can expect to grow at least 5 cm in length if you adhere to the training regimen. The use of male enhancement supplements can also speed up the result.

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

The user is provided with a return and refund guarantee within 6 months from the date of receipt of the order and a lifetime warranty for defective parts.

Buying on the official website often allows you to significantly save money thanks to various promotions and bonus programs.

Why should you trust Quick Extender Pro?

The following points speak in favor of choosing Quick Extender Pro:

  • Extended warranty – even German extenders have only a standard 14-day warranty. Here, on the other hand, in addition to the long-term return option, you can also replace defective components for life.
  • Huge tension load compared with analogs – up to 4000g, which will help achieve the goal with a gradual increase.
  • Proven effectiveness – The “Made in the USA” mark guarantees not only efficiency, but also complete safety of the device while even in contact with the thin skin of the genitals.

How to choose a package for yourself

Quick Extender Pro is supplied in several kits, which are characterized by certain differences. 

When choosing, consider the following factors:

  1. Price

If this is the decisive moment, the cheapest is the Value Edition starter kit. It is optimal for beginners and contains a basic set of accessories.

  • Filling

The most complete set with accessories and consumables for the entire course in the Deluxe Limited Edition package.

  • Using

When choosing a package, you need to decide on the main goal. If your goal is to extend the зутшы length, Value Edition, Deluxe Standard Edition, Deluxe Limited Edition are suitable. 

If necessary to achieve a multidirectional load to correct penis curvature, then only Curvature Correction Editing is needed, containing a rotary mechanism.

  • Customization

When going through a training course, it is periodically necessary to increase the length of the rods. For this, the bags have a set of extension bars. The most accurate fit can be obtained by purchasing the Deluxe Limited Edition package.

  • Results

In addition to filling and price, the packages differ in the maximum tractive force of the extender. The results largely depend on this parameter, so you also need to pay attention to this point. The smallest is 3000g in the Value Edition package, while the largest 4000g is the Deluxe Limited Edition.

Click here to visit Quick Extender Pro official site


A decent device on the market, easy to customize and use without harm to the male health.

Quick Extender Pro – a device devoid of flaws

The use of an extender is not associated with the risk of injury, since the principle of action involves the gradual stretching until micro-tears form and stimulate their regeneration. 

This technique is used in general and special medicine. The action of Quick Extender Pro is also based on her theory, which ensures it remains at the leading positions in the market of similar devices. 

The success of this brand is ensured by its:

  • special fastening system
  • relatively low price
  • significant indicators of tension force – up to 4000g
  • assortment of packages, from which each user can choose the most optimal option
  • the ability to use in everyday life without discomfort
  • positive effect on erectile function
  • no risk of injury from slipping of the device

In addition to the ease of setup, the Quick Extender Pro is a powerful device that can change the anatomy of the male organ and provide a man with a new level of activity in just six months.

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