Reasons to Invest In a Countertop Water Purifier

counter top water filter

Even if water to your house is flowing from the municipality, then there are still high chances of it getting contaminated along the way. These impurities can create some serious health issues in the long run, so clean and safe water becomes necessary for the good health of you and your family. 

And the popular solution to purify the water is countertop water purifiers. Why you should invest in a countertop purifier for your drinking and cooking needs, let’s see. But before that, how many types of water purifiers are available in the market.

Point of Use systems: A point of use system is the one that provides the water at the point of use only. A simple example is the under sink water filtration system. This means they are compact.

Countertop filters: Countertop water filters are the ones that are placed on the counter beside the sink instead of under the sink. This is also a point-of-use filter. Their installation is easy and requires very little maintenance.

Point of Entry Systems: These systems are installed at the entry point of the waterline. They consist of multiple stages for better purification and are famously known as the whole house filters because they supply the water to all the showers and faucets in the house. It will prevent your valves and pipings from going bad due to calling.

Pitcher Filter: A pitcher filter is the most basic filter to get pure water. It is equipped with a small carbon filter that removes contaminants. Pour in the water and place it in a refrigerator while the water passes to the reservoir through the filter.

Why should you invest in a countertop water filter?

Reasons to Invest In a Countertop Water Purifier 1

1. Easy Installation

Lightweight and compactness are the main traits of countertop water filters, and it makes the installation much easier. For a whole house water filter or under sink water filter, the installation is complex and time-consuming. You might even need to hire a plumber. But countertop filters can be installed in a few minutes only. You only need to attach the filter to the water tap.

The connection to the water tap is very simple, and if the compatibility is an issue, then many adapters are available in the market.

2. It requires minimal maintenance

The countertop filters are the simplest solution to purify the water. This simplicity, along with easy installation, brings in the advantage of minimal maintenance. If you have an under-sink water filter, then you should know the maintenance problems. You will need to creep under the sink to fix a leakage problem or to change the filter.

Moreover, for the countertop purifier, the filter will need to be changed only once or twice over a period of a year. That is easy to do since the purifier will be on the top. Also, you won’t have to turn off half of the plumbing just to replace the filter. Also, there is no tank or any extra accessories which will require maintenance as it filters water directly from the source.

3. Provides safe water with better taste.

The bad water taste and smell can turn people away from the tap water to bottled water. The common reason for the water to have a bad odor and taste is the presence of chloride or fluoride, or some other chemicals in the water. Even more, the bad taste can result in less consumption of water than what a human body requires every day.

These impurities, which are responsible for bad water taste and odor, are effectively removed to improve the taste along with other chemicals, sediments, and microorganisms. This ensures the pleasant taste and safety of the water. Filtered water is a key to having better health. Pure water makes the immune system strong. So, no matter what your water source is, a countertop water filter will always provide the safest water from the tap.

Also, pure water is essential for a child to have healthy physical development—consumption of untreated water results in various health issues.

4. Can be installed on an existing tap.

If you install the under sink water filter, then you will need to create the hole on the counter to place the tap, through which the freshwater will come out. If not properly done, then it can damage the counter. There is no requirement for an extra tap to be installed. The existing tap will be enough. It acts as a water source.

5. Less expensive

If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend money on the water purifier but rather prefers the bottled water, then you are at a loss. The improved purification system and technological advancements make water purification much cheaper than bottled water.

You get pure water at a highly affordable price. Besides, you won’t have to spend much on maintenance costs.

6. Easy detachment

A countertop water filter is the best choice to have when you live in a rented apartment and move quite frequently. If you install the under the sink or whole house filter, then a permanent change in the plumbing needs to be done, and they can’t be taken along.

Whereas to install the countertop water filtration system, there is no need to make a connection with the plumbing lines, and it will be directly connected to the tap. This means they are easy to remove and reinstall at a new house.

So, as seen, keeping in mind all these benefits, the investment in a countertop system is worth considering. It offers pure and safe water. It is lightweight, the installation is very easy, and will require very little maintenance.

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