Rescue Hair 911 Reviews – PhytAge Labs Hair Loss Formula

Rescue Hair 911 Reviews - PhytAge Labs Hair Loss Formula 1

Rescue Hair 911 Reviews – PhytAge Labs Hair Loss Formula

Rescue Hair 911 is a hair solution dedicated to nourishing your scalp and encouraging hair growth. It comes from experts who have a lot of knowledge in their line of work and one of them has also been through hair loss. Luckily, with this formula, he saw an improvement in his condition. What’s more, this solution relies on a natural composition, which are safe to take. This limits any risks of side effects and makes it stress-free for you to take this supplement on a daily basis.

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Do you miss a head full of hair? Do you feel like it wasn’t long ago when you had healthy hair, but now you only see hair in patches and no matter what you do, you can’t see progress? This does not mean you need to compromise with hair loss. If anything, there is always a way to fight hair loss tooth and nail without having to depend on chemicals. Or, getting a rocket-costing hair transplant. Wondering if this is a dream? Not so. Try a formula such as Rescue Hair 911. 

Rescue Hair 911 Review 

PhytAge Labs Rescue Hair 911 is a natural and viable solution for hair growth. It promises a head full of healthy and thick hair. The approach adopted to reach these results is all-natural. More importantly, it is backed with the latest scientific finding, which makes it credible.

The research that has gone into the making of this solution also confirms this solution is safe to take. To completely understand the working of this solution though, you need to understand the hair growth cycle. It is based on 3 basic steps:

  • The Anagen Phase

In this stage, your hair starts to regrow.

  • The Catagen Stage 

This is the second stage in which you are currently. It is here that you are stuck.

  • The Telogen Phase

This last stage is the resting phase

The formula under review works in the second phase in which it provides hair follicles with building blocks. This pushes hair growth from the phase it is stuck in into the stage where it grows up healthy.

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Rescue Hair 911 Ingredients 

As mentioned, Hair Rescue 911 supplement is based on a natural composition. It does not depend on harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients that pose a ton of side effects.

Some of the main ingredients present in this solution are:

  • Pygeum Bark Extract

Pygeum Bark Extract is known for nourishing your hair. It boosts blood circulation to your scalp as well, which delivers tons of benefits. Top of this is strengthening hair follicles that stimulate hair growth. When you take this ingredient regularly, it turns your head into a breeding ground of strong hair.

  • Saw Palmetto

This ingredient limits hair loss. By doing so, it controls your problem. Moreover, saw palmetto excites hair cells so you see hair growth. This gives you fuller, thicker, and longer hair. In fact, the role of this ingredient is also backed by scientific studies.

  • Reishi Mushroom Extract

This ingredient is mainly committed to nourishing your hair follicles. When you start noticing hair loss, it is mainly because hair follicles become weak. This is all thanks to malnourishment. However, by nourishing your follicles, reishi mushroom extract solves this issue. What’s more, the ingredient also strengthens your blood vessels in the region where your hair follicles are small. This promotes expansion.

  • Pumpkin Seed Powder

Pumpkin seed powder promotes hair growth. It is also helpful in cases of alopecia. This is all thanks to the fact that this powder is packed with nutrients and contains antioxidants and vitamins. It also contains zinc, fatty acids, omega-3s, and vitamins E and K. All this is great for collagen production. As a result, the formula also scientifically proven for nourishing hair and encouraging an increase in hair thickness and count.

Other than these, there are several ingredients in this formula such as zinc, cat’s claw bark, shiitake mushroom, green tea leaves, red raspberry, and broccoli leaves among other ingredients.

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When Can You See Results?

It is advisable to try Rescue Hair 911 pills for about two weeks before jumping to any conclusions. However, to get to the results, you need to be consistent in your use of this supplement.

This means you need to be taking the supplement daily, which shouldn’t be hard. This is because the supplement comes in the form of a capsule, which is simple to take and does not require any effort from your end.

Also, make sure you follow the dosage and other instructions given with the supplement. The set dosage is at two pills daily so be sure to have two pills daily.


RescueHair911 also shows some great features. These include a natural composition, which makes this formula safe. What’s more, it chops the risks of adverse health effects. This way you get a budget friendly solution that does not come with side effects.

Moreover, the formula is convenient to use. It also comes from professionals named Dr. Jacob Moss and Dr. Suneil Kumar who share ten years of experience between themselves. They both are also widely read.

Pricing & Where to Buy Rescue Hair 911?

Rescue Hair 911 by PhytAge Labs is up for grabs only on the official website. You can buy it as a solo bottle as well as a package. Here are your options:

  • One bottle of the supplement for $69.5. This is a reduced pricing, helping you save a lot.
  • Four bottles of the solution for $49.95 per bottle, which further reduces the prices.

Note that each bottle contains 60 capsules. This means that one bottle will easily last for a month. That said, you also get free shipping with this supplement. The icing on top is that there is a 90-days money back guarantee with the order so your purchase is completely protected.

Rescue Hair 911 Reviews – Final Thoughts 

In short, Rescue Hair 911 is a potent supplement for hair loss. It is safe, natural, and economically priced. You also don’t need to spend hours in preparing any smoothies or pastes to apply on your head. Make sure you take this solution daily. For consumer protection, only buy this supplement from the official website.

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