Riding a Boat in Style: Accessories to Add to Your Boat

Riding a Boat in Style: Accessories to Add to Your Boat

Riding a Boat in Style: Accessories to Add to Your Boat

 Are you looking for ways to deck our your boat? There are so many awesome accessories that you can add to your boat to make it more fun, functional, and stylish.

Keep reading for some of our favorite boat accessories that you should know about. These accessories can keep you riding a boat in style.

On-Board Bar

There’s nothing like a tropical cocktail for a boat ride in the sun. To make this easy for you and your guest, consider bringing the bar on board. You can do so by getting a boat bar caddy with cup and bottle holders.

Some options come with mounts that you can easily attach to your boats. To make the bar portable, pick one that has handles, and slides out like a serving platter. Some may also include a slide-out cutting board that you can use to prepare lemons and lime for your drinks.

This can allow you to keep all of your drinks, mixers, and supplies in one place. Find a sturdy, lightweight option that folds down when not in use.

To complete your bar, buy some shatterproof glasses and tumblers you can use specifically for the boat. Find options that keep drinks cool on warm summer days and will keep your passengers safe from broken glass. You may even consider getting a shatterproof ice bucket and getting your entire drinkware set embellished with nautical details.

To take your on-board bartending to the next level, consider getting a tailgating blender. These blenders can be plugged into a cigarette lighter so that you can make frozen tropical drinks

from your vehicle.

Not only can you use this on your boat, but you can bring it to tailgates and other outdoor parties. Find an option with a cord that is at least 14 inches to make it easy to make drinks at your boat bar.

Get the Party Started

A great way to get the party started on your boat is to pump up the jams. A portable speaker can be a great place to start, but an option with more surround sound, like marine audio tower speakers can be even better. This can be great while riding at higher speeds, when listening to tunes on a portable speaker may be more difficult.

This is a great way to have an island party with great music for everyone to hear. If you really want to make your boat the party boat, consider adding some awesome lights, such as LED rope lights. This can make nighttime lighting tons of fun, and some come with wireless remotes that makes turning the light on and off super easy.

Riding a Boat in Style

If you’re hoping to take your boat swag to the next level, consider adding some of these awesome accessories to your boat this year. This gear will keep you and your friends riding a boat in style and having a great time. Make your boat a great place to gather with these ideas.

For more ideas on how to make your next boat party more fun, head to the “entertainment” section of our site.

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