Season 4 of Apex Legends

Season 4 of Apex Legends 1

The highly anticipated 1 years of the hit Battle Royale game is Apex Legends Season 4, and the new trailer for’ Assimilation’ is still best. When this trailer arrives on 4 February, it will take you up to the new legend, Revenant. Reproduced in the classic cartoon style of now Respawn, the latest trails show that Revenant is an ordinary human being who became a Simulacrum supersassin. Revenant is sent out to kill Marcos Andrade, a so-called Con Man and a Thief for Hire for an abundance of 10,000,000 Apex Coins (by the way that is quite a few Apex packs).

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Transformed from a common man, Revenant becomes a hyper-assassin robot with hand-knives and an ability to climb on a wall of glass, disband into fog, and become a sort of hellish creature that burns with fire. What this means about the potential capabilities of the story is difficult to say, but it’s definitely great. Since the December break, fans have heard repeatedly that the devs are on the way to 2020 with lots of exciting content. It’s just beginning if this trailer is anything to go through. Unlike anything before in multiplayer FPS, particularly a Battle Royale, the depth and background behind this distressing figure is different.

The video is also full of teasers, which is the way Respawn creates interest in the fan base. Hammond robots are seen all over the world, and you know that they’re about to make major changes to the World’s Edge when you have played the Apex Legens in the past week. The trailer of the new character, a woman Simulacrum, can also be seen at the beginning. You can also see how the concept art for future features of the game looks like. See below.

And the daughter of Andrade (and her murdering mom) looks vicious at the end of the trailer. Her dad gives her a wolf, and the Portuguese is’ Loba’ (female) for Wolf. There is also some rumors that Loba is one of the following legends in the game, with voice lines and conceptual art already on the internet. There is no question that we shall see this person return, maybe grown up and ready to take revenge on Revenant in the Apex games in the future.

Season 4 starts in Apex Legends on 4 February. Including Revenant, improvements in the world, the addition of a new sniper rifle (Sentinel) and a brand new combat pass have been added. Fans can expect to release a fighting pass trailer in coming few days.

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