Instagram has captured the attention of modern-day entrepreneur’s intent of living life on their own terms, free from a cubicle. Each day millions of people actively use Instagram. They just hit 1 billion users. That’s staggering. Not surprisingly entrepreneurs of all kinds are flocking to the platform. Sherri Nourse and her brand MotivationMafia are at the forefront of providing innovate, unique, and cross-generational content to fuel businesses and entrepreneurs to build a profit margin through social media whether it is their main hustle or their side hustle. Nourse and her MotivationMafia Instagram page connects entrepreneurs, bloggers, fashion-forward influencers, peer-to-peer network marketers, restaurants, bars, celebrities and everyone in-between. Why? It provides a platform to learn, network and discuss ideas, businesses and get advice to everyone from the young influencer who is starting his business to coffee enthusiasts and world-traveling photographers, pulling in six-figure incomes by being and doing what they love. Motivationmafia reaches worldwide to millions of startups, fortune 100 and 500 companies to individual brands and products companies with positive fuel for success and connection across all demographics.

When we are deciding to take the plunge to launch our social networking journeys, we have to consider which of them we should have a presence and which one we should concentrate mainly on and why. Deciding to launch on all networks is not enough, without planning a strategy, without setting goals and without prioritizing, especially when it’s corporate social networks.

More than 80 percent of marketers now believe that social media is important to their business and is using it one way or the other. Still, why is Instagram deemed an alternative? What is that network that the others don’t have? You may have been focusing on others to share content, industry-related news or even job offers for your business, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, until now. And that’s more than good, but I’ll tell you in this post why you should pay second attention to Instagram and you’ll see that there are endless possibilities you didn’t think about.

Instagram’s benefits can contribute to your online marketing strategy:

Before we get down to work and start opening Instagram accounts, let’s go through the advantages of incorporating this social network into your strategy.

  • Engagement gained
  • Humanise the label
  • Know the target, and meet them
  • Moving to international markets
  • Boost the existing communication networks
  • Generate low cost sales
  • Branding Employers

I’ve always been passionate about communicating and I’ve always had the chance to do it professionally. I studied Audiovisual Communication, and when I discovered that what I really wanted was to reach people through a smaller screen: computer screen or mobile screen, the thing about wanting to make cinema came to me. I have been professionally engaged in online marketing for some years, and especially now

I was an instagrammer and operated but I’ve just introduced the Potential Insight Instagram profile on a technical basis, where we present the squad that makes the business life: who we are, who we work and what we’re excited about.

In short, Instagram is trendy. It’s got more and more users, because they like the photos. And good quality Invest in a good camera and do justice to your hotel and destination. And if you can’t, hire a professional photographer to take pictures sporadically that you can then use to get the Instagram users attention.

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