Should you Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer? Here’s an Overview

Truck Accident

Even a minor truck accident can have devastating consequences for those involved. If you were injured in such an unfortunate truck accident in Atlanta, you need to know the basic car accident laws in Georgia, to decide on whether you can file a personal injury claim. Typically, truck accidents are caused because of factors like driver exhaustion, reckless driving, vehicle maintenance, and poor weather conditions. In this post, we are sharing more on why you may want to hire an Atlanta truck accident lawyer

Get clarity on fault and liability

It is important for people to understand that truck accidents are inherently complex. For instance, what if the vehicle had a manufacturing defect, or the truck wasn’t serviced or checked properly? In case of truck accidents, establishing fault is the biggest concern. Sometimes, the trucking company is at fault, while the driver may have had their share of negligence. In some cases, even the vehicle manufacturer can be liable for the accident to an extent. If there were other cars involved, the matter can be even more complicated. One of the key reasons why you must hire an attorney for your truck accident case is to get clarity on fault and liability. 

Know your case better

The good news is most truck accident attorneys in Georgia work on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer is not going to charge you, until they win. If you are meeting a lawyer for the first time, make sure that you ask questions to know your case better. In most cases, attorneys will do considerable homework and investigation, to determine important details. Here are some questions to ask – 

  1. How often do you deal with truck accident cases?
  2. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to personal injury cases?
  3. What is my claim worth?
  4. Will you work on my case personally?
  5. What about other costs related to the case?
  6. What is your fee? 

Skilled accident attorneys never make false promises. They will do what it takes to resolve the matter, but they don’t usually claim things that are too good to be true. Also, many attorneys may work for the same law firm, and therefore, do ask if the same attorney will be working on your case. Your accident lawyer can advance other costs related to the case, which can be later adjusted with the settlement. As for the lawyer’s fee, most attorneys can charge a contingency fee up to 40% of the final settlement. 

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