Should You Use Twitch or YouTube?


There is one form of entertainment that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Those who own a video game console or gaming PC at home will know exactly what that is. Video games have been a popular pastime for a while, but it might surprise some to learn that video games are the leaders of the entertainment sector. In fact, the video game industry earns more than music and films combined which is an incredible feat for any industry but especially amazing for the video game industry. This is because video games didn’t exactly have the best reception when they first came out, but this has since changed as seen by the sheer size of the gaming community.

Those negative attitudes towards video games also transferred to those who expressed a desire to pursue a career in the industry. At the time, the only ‘legitimate’ career in video games were video game developers, people who actually make the game itself. But if a child said that they wanted to play video games for a living when they grew up, they would likely have been dismissed. Looking at the state of gaming today, it is hard to imagine people dismissing the same notion today as the prospect of playing video games for money is a very real possibility today.

Should You Use Twitch or YouTube? 1

When it comes to earning money for playing video games, players have a few options available to them. To start with, they could choose to play competitively against other players of the same skill level. This represents a great way to earn money for playing video games as long as players are very skilled, as some of the best players in the world will be competing with each other to win massive prize pools

. Those who are after a more casual experience will prefer some of the other methods of earning money for playing video games.

YouTube is a platform that everybody will have heard of, which is why so many gamers try to make money from it. All people need to do is make a channel and upload a video, where they can get paid if they gain a big enough viewership. The problem with YouTube though is that it is massive, and many niches are already saturated. This means that it can be hard for new channels to become established.

On the other hand, Twitch is a platform that is younger than YouTube but is developing a substantial following. It focuses on live streaming, an activity that is already being practised in many industries, such as gambling. Some players might be surmised to learn that some sites like the ones that can be found at wish casinos offer live-streamed gambling. At the heart of Twitch is gaming though, and players can easily make money from the platform by acquiring subscriptions for their channel. Given its younger age, it is easier to get started on Twitch than on YouTube.

These are the main ways that people can earn money from playing video games, though each career path will suit different people.

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