SPC Floor Installation Guide for your Bathroom

SPC Floor Installation Guide for your Bathroom 1

SPC floors are new generation LVT floors. Their structure is composed of a hybrid plastic-mineral panel which, compared to the classic LVT floor, offers greater stability.

Its impermeability to any liquid allows the installation of the floor in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. But what makes it indispensable in these rooms is the ease of installation that makes it the first in the ranking for installation on existing floors石塑地板.

The SPC floor is the beating heart of an LVT floor,made up exclusively of PVC.

If we have found our perfect floor, which is suitable for the design of our bathroom and which makes it unique, the time has come to rely on someone who can help us to lay it in the best possible way but we can also follow this path to do it alone.

The interlocking system is extremely comfortable and guarantees a quick and problem-free installation.

Vinyl floors not only have a natural look, so much so that they look like real wood-effect parquet, but they are also easy to install. Based on what we prefer, we can choose floating or click laying without the use of glue or other materials.


• Measure the room to be renovated using a tape measure. You have to be very accurate in the measurement;

• Eliminate all obstacles. Our bathroom will have to deprive itself of cabinets, shoe racks and baskets, lift the toilet and eliminate the baseboard at the base of the walls. Do not move or lift sink or built-in furniture, this type of floor is also adaptable around them;

• The SPC floor is excellent for laying on existing floors. Instead, you need to get rid of the carpet. Remember: the floor will be slightly higher;

• Before proceeding with the installation it is necessary to equip yourself with suitable tools to prepare the substrate adequately: cutter, bracket, pencil, hammer, beater, meter and spacer, planks (buy 10% more planks for any eventuality);

• The bottom surface must be smooth, flat, dry, solid and clean;

• Make sure that the opposite walls are parallel and start positioning the first row of planks without hooking them together in order to verify that the length of the boards is the right one;

• If this is not the case, cut the boards using a professional cutter, engrave them and fold them so as to break them (the part to be cut is the short one of the plank with the groove)

• Start the installation starting from the upper left corner by inserting spacer wedges on the walls, jambs, cabinets, etc. so you can add skirting boards;

• It is time to connect the planks starting from the short side, approaching it with an inclination between 15-20 degrees and continue straight with the other boards;

• Make sure that the joining of the planks is accompanied by a “click”;

• You can install the planks randomly in order to create design effects that suit you best;

• Now is the time to continue to fit your planks also on the long side, waiting to hear the usual “click”;

• For the next plank, first merge the short side with the usual angle of inclination and keep the long side detached and then insert it inside;

• Continue with this procedure for all subsequent rows;

• The planks with a click link can be easily removed and replaced with new ones;

• To replace it, simply cut the board on the long side, lift it and take it out   

The SPC floor (SPC 地板) is ready to color your bathroom again. Make it as you have always imagined but with the addition of a product that has unique and differentiated characteristics:

1. Waterproof

2. Extremely stable

3. Antibacterial

4. Non-slip

5. Scratch resistant

6. Resistant to stains and fingerprints

7. No maintenance required

8. Fire certified BflS1

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