Sports Betting: Different Niches You Can Look Into

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

There is always a thrill involved in predicting a game’s outcome. This thrill is why sports betting is very famous in Australia. Total money spent on betting on sports results rose from 1.062 billion dollars to 1. 235 billion dollars in the year 2017-2018. The money spent followed an increasing trend in the years that came after.

With various online platforms providing betting services for multiple events such as horse racing, NFL and NBA betting has never been as easy and convenient. Improved accessibility has increased the range of these platforms through numerous devices and the internet. The demand is hiking, with the industry value expected to rise at an annual 3.6% over the five years to 4.7 billion dollars by 2020.

With the rise in such demands, anti-gambling views across the country are in a steady decline. The sports betting industry has turned from a few wagering media groups to a billion-dollar industry. Such a hike in demand also gave rise to various sports events opening up their sporting levels to sports betting for the wins. Below are niches where one can look into for gambling.

Famous Niches One Can Look Into For Sports Betting 

  • Football: Football is often a platform for betting across the country. The most famous being the NFL or the National Football League. Players can place different types of bets for the odds of winning for other teams. The Australian Football League or AFL is also a famous betting ground as a pastime. Many fans rally up to support their favourite teams by placing bets on the odds of winning. 
  • Basketball: One of the most popular sports for betting, basketball bets are directed explicitly into the NBA or the National Basketball Association. Significant basketball associations have already partnered with many betting groups to create platforms to promote NBA betting
    and betting on other sports.
  • Horse Racing: Horse racing is the most popular betting grounds for thrill hungry Australians. With various online platforms that allow the participant to watch and bet against the odds, racing bets are becoming widely popular. Bets on horse racing have one of the oldest known betting histories for sports. 
  • Cricket:  One of the easiest games to bet upon, cricket is also a famous sport for Australians looking to wage on their predictions. Being one of Australia’s favourite sports, there can be no doubt that it is renowned for betting.
  • Boxing and MMA: Also one of the most trending betting grounds for people, with boxing having a history of betting for a more extended period than others. Physical combat sports are often famous, which must be why it’s trending in sports bets throughout the country.
  • Other Sports: Various other sports, which are not as famous, with lesser competition include hockey. Although not as renowned, hockey has seen a rise in popularity for sports bets throughout the years. 

 The betting arena also includes cycling and auto racing, but they aren’t as famous as their other sports counterparts.

Another rising betting ground for sports can include electronic sports or e-sports. These include online virtual games where teams compete with each other for a goal or objective. With the rise in technology and advanced online platforms, e-sport is gaining traction for betting across the country.

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