Step By Step Guide to Move an SSL Certificate to Another Server

Step By Step Guide To Move An Ssl Certificate To Another Server


If you’re moving servers due to a location change or upgrade, you may need to transfer data and settings to the new server. It’s crucial to remember to transfer the SSL certificate between servers as it encrypts your website’s connection and ensures compliance with security standards and regulations.

Want to Transfer SSL Certificates to Another Server in cPanel?

Before we move forward, let us understand the significance of an SSL certificate. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that encrypts the communication between a website and its visitors. It assures that any sensitive data exchanged between the website and the user remains private and secure. When a website has an SSL certificate installed, a padlock icon appears in the web browser’s address bar, indicating that the website is secure and trusted. This certificate also provides authentication. It verifies that the website is legitimate and belongs to the organization or entity it claims to represent. SSL certificates are essential for websites that collect personal information, such as passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive data. Without it such data can be intercepted and misused by malicious third parties. Therefore, an SSL certificate is critical for maintaining the security and integrity of online transactions and protecting the privacy of website users.

Choosing a Method: How to Move Your SSL Certificate to Another Server

To move the SSL certificate to another server, you need to decide how to achieve your goal. You can either directly copy it to another server, which will retain the certificate on both servers. Or, you can transfer/move the SSL certificate to another server entirely, deleting the first copy and only keeping the one on the new server. Deleting the old certificate will require a few extra steps, and if you used a custom root, you must delete the root certificates from client machines.

In addition to this, when transferring SSL certificates from one server to another, you need to consider whether you previously hosted a single domain on a server but now want to add multiple domains or subdomains to the new server. In such a case, the SSL certificate you transfer will only encrypt the registered domain and won’t protect all domains on the server. To buy an SSL certificate

you need to ensure you cover all existing domains or subdomains, you need a multi-domain or a wildcard SSL, respectively.

Steps to Transfer an SSL Certificate to Another Server in cPanel

If you are using cPanel to manage your website, the following are the easy-to-follow steps to

transfer SSL certificate to another server

1.   Log in to cPanel

The first step is to log in to your cPanel account. You can access cPanel by visiting your website’s URL followed by “/cpanel” or by using your hosting provider’s login page. Enter your username and password to access cPanel.

2.   Navigate to the Security Section

Once you have logged in to cPanel, navigate to the Security section by using the search bar or by scrolling down the page. Click on the ā€œSSL/TLSā€ icon to access the SSL/TLS Manager.

3.   Select ā€œSSL/TLS

When you have accessed the SSL/TLS Manager, select the ā€œCheap SSL Sitesā€ option. This will display a list of all the SSL certificates that are currently installed on your server.

4.   Copy Your Private Key

Locate the SSL that you want to transfer and click on the ā€œPrivate Keyā€ button next to it. This will open a new page with your private key. Copy the private key to your clipboard.

5.   Copy Your Certificate

Next, click on the ā€œCertificateā€ button next to the SSL certificate that you want to transfer. This will open a new page with your SSL certificate. Copy the SSL certificate to your clipboard.

6.   Paste Your Private Key and Certificate

Once you have copied your private key and SSL certificate, navigate to your new server and log in to cPanel. Follow the same steps to access the SSL/TLS Manager, and then click on the ā€œUpload a New Certificateā€ button. Paste your private key and SSL certificate in the appropriate fields, and click on the ā€œSave Certificateā€ button.

7.   Install Your SSL Certificate

As soon as you have copied your private key and SSL certificate, navigate to your new server and log in to cPanel. Follow the same steps to access the SSL/TLS Manager, and then click on the ā€œUpload a New Certificateā€ button. Paste your private key and SSL certificate in the appropriate fields, and click on the ā€œSave Certificateā€ button.


Moving an SSL/HTTPS certificate to another server is a necessary process to ensure that your website remains secure and compliant with industry standards. The step-by-step guide outlined in this article should help you transfer your SSL certificate smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the reason for the server move.

It is important to remember that moving an SSL between servers requires careful planning and execution. Further, any mistakes can lead to potential security risks for your website. Always make sure to back up all relevant data and files, and follow each step carefully to ensure a successful transfer. Usually, SSL comes free of cost along with your hosting plan or server. But in case you are thinking to get a paid Business Validation SSL certificate you should look for

a cheap SSL certificate provider. A web hosting company can provide SSL for your business or website if you need it.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can move your SSL certificate to a new server with ease. This will also ensure that your website remains secure and protected against potential security threats. If you encounter any difficulties during the transfer process, don’t hesitate to contact your SSL certificate provider or server administrator for assistance.

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