Streetwear Styles: How to Stock Your Store With The Best Pieces

Streetwear Styles

Do you want to expand your store in order to stay on top of the latest trends? One of the easiest ways is to become a wholesale fashion retailer by selling streetwear clothing.

Streetwear is a trendy style of clothing that originated around the ’70s. Although this style is always evolving, it’s known to have punk-rock roots. It’s often noteworthy for eye-catching patterns and colors.

This means that almost any online clothing store can benefit from streetwear items, as you have a wide variety of styles and brands to choose from. 

Read on to learn all about streetwear styles and how to stock your store with the best pieces! 

What is Streetwear? 

Streetwear is a modern, contemporary type of fashion that has roots in Californian skate culture. However, it also blends styles such as hip-hop and modern high-fashion elements. Although there’s no definitive time or place where streetwear originated, many people believe that it began in the ’70s and ’80s when punk rock became popular. 

Streetwear can even combine elements of heavy metal and new-wave cultures. It can suit a variety of aesthetics. People from all different walks of life may find something they like in the streetwear you offer in your own shop. 

Another benefit of stocking streetwear in your shop is that these are comfortable, timeless pieces that can be worn during any season. During hotter months, there are lightweight streetwear pieces such as crop tops and shorts. During the winter, streetwear worn in layers is a popular look along with a stylish jacket on top. 

Streetwear Outfit Ideas

Now that you know a little bit about streetwear, how do you find the right pieces for your shop when you’re purchasing wholesale? Here are a few ways to decide on what to stock up on and what to avoid: 

Ask Your Customers

If you already have loyal customers, one of the easiest ways to decide on what to stock up on is to ask them directly. Send out a simple poll to your customers’ inboxes that asks what they’d like to see for the upcoming season. If you have a strong social media presence, you can also conduct fun polls through Instagram Stories. 

Follow Your Aesthetic

Regardless of what your customers want to see next, it’s important that you’re purchasing clothing items that suit your store’s aesthetic. Your customers are purchasing from you for a reason. If the streetwear you choose isn’t similar to the styles you’re also offering, you won’t see as much interest from current customers. 

Steal Deal wholesalers provide easy methods to sort through their wholesale streetwear offerings. You can look at their new arrivals, browse specific brands, or look through departments for specific clothing items. From there, you’ll be able to find items that match the current aesthetic of clothing you already offer. 

Identify Your Audience

If you’re just starting up your shop or need help increasing web traffic, it’s important that you identify your target audience. This is the primary group of people that you’ll be selling to. Identifying a target audience makes more marketing sense than trying to offer a variety of clothing items and styles for everyone.

The reason for this is because you can’t please everyone–instead, it’s easier to offer specific clothing styles that a dedicated group of people will enjoy. You can start by looking at the analytics of your website and identifying the ages, locations, or browsing patterns of your current visitors. 

The more specific you are with your target audience, the more effective your marketing and clothing choices will be for them. For instance, if you understand that most of your clients live in cold climates, it’s important that the majority of the items you sell are for cold weather. Teenagers and young adults may be more interested in the latest trends, while older adults may have nostalgia for retro items from the ’80s and ’90s. 

Online vs. In-Person Wholesale

Now that you know all the benefits of streetwear as well as some ideas on how to get started, how should you shop for wholesale clothing? You have two options: online or in-person. 

In-Person Benefits

If you’re looking for premium quality clothing for a good price, many retailers in the LA Fashion District don’t have websites. In order to take advantage of the deals these wholesalers are willing to provide, you need to be able to book a flight to LA. This enables you to browse their offerings in-person and experience material quality firsthand. 

Although you’ll be saving money by cutting out the middle-man of third-party online vendors, you’re limited in the time you have perusing their available options. This also provides less flexibility if you want to change up your stock later on. Purchasing from trade shows is also an affordable option, but you’ll most likely be purchasing old items that have gone out of style. 

Online Benefits

The main benefit of shopping through online wholesalers is convenience and flexibility. You can look at hundreds of different clothing items in under an hour, all the while comparing prices. Online wholesalers also tend to represent multiple clothing brands. This means that you have more flexibility and options for your target audience.

Even better, you’ll have an easier time accumulating clothing that is still in style.

Offer Streetwear Styles for Your Trendy Online Store

Offering streetwear styles for your current customers is a great way to refresh your brand. From jackets to crop tops, you’ll find that streetwear styles come in a variety of different colors, shades, and patterns to suit your current aesthetic. If you already have an established brand, we recommend polling your current customers to see what they’re looking forward to the most. 

Then, make smart purchasing decisions based on your target audience. Pay attention to their age, socioeconomic status, gender, and more. The more specific you are about your target audience, the more successful you’ll be when it’s time to choose a wholesale supplier that meets all of your needs. 

Ready for more tips on how to create a successful online clothing store? Keep reading our blog for more tips and tricks! 

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