The 3 Reasons Why Digital Patient Intake Is Your Best Bet

The 3 Reasons Why Digital Patient Intake Is Your Best Bet 1

The 3 Reasons Why Digital Patient Intake Is Your Best Bet

Did you know that a clipboard pen has 46,000 times more germs than an average toilet seat? Once upon a time patient intake required a ton of paperwork, clipboards, and pens but fast forward to 2020 and digital patient intake has become all the rage.

There are plenty of reasons that this is becoming more popular and we are here to share why you too might want to consider making the change. Keep reading for the top reasons that patients no longer expect to have a clipboard handed to them. 

1. Better Financial Experience

No one likes surprise bills, especially the patients that come to your practice. A digital patient intake will make it easier to talk to them about their financial responsibility ahead of time.

It will also help reduce everyone’s wait time because it eliminates all of the paperwork that usually comes with checking in and figuring out how much someone has to pay. It will be much easier and quicker for the staff to check whether or not someone has a copay and the amount it is for. Staff can also see what the deductibles are ahead of time and be prepared before the patient even arrives at the office. 

2. Infection Control

With everything going on nowadays it is important to reduce the risk of infection exposure for patients. When a digital intake form is completed on a patient’s own device it will spare everyone from sharing clipboards, kiosks, papers, and pens.

Everything that is touched will carry germs and viruses, therefore if a patient uses their own mobile device or tablet it can skip the traditional waiting room and spread of germs. A patient can wait in their vehicle and check-in from the parking lot to reduce further risk of infections. You can see here

about taking it a step further

3. Easy to Access Information

Everyone in your office will have an easier time accessing a patient’s information when you make the switch to digital. Searching through filing cabinets for a patients’ file, insurance information, and medical history is time-consuming. It is also much easier to make a mistake or file something incorrectly because everything is being done manually.   

This, in turn, will also free up everyone’s time and allow them to focus on being there for a patient and the doctor as needed instead of messing around with looking for paperwork and filing it.

Ready to Upgrade to Digital Patient Intake?

Now that you have the top reasons why you want to upgrade to a digital patient intake form, you can make an informed decision on whether this is best for your practice or not. Keeping your patients safe should always be a top priority and making the switch might be exactly what you need in order to do this.

Did you find our blog post helpful today? Please feel free to browse around for some more helpful and informative reads. 

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