The Advantages of Betting on Cricket

The Advantages Of Betting On Cricket

India has one of the biggest numbers of Internet users in the world, and thanks to the ban of land-based sportsbooks in most of the country, more and more Indians are using online bookmakers to place wagers

One of the main reasons for these online wagers is one of the most popular sports in the world, cricket. As you may know, cricket betting is illegal in the country, so the Internet is the only way to place bets on India’s favourite sport.

Why is Betting on Cricket Online so Popular?

There are a couple of benefits that online betting on cricket brings to bettors:

  • It is convenient
  • It is fast
  • It is fun
  • It is profitable


A major factor in Indians deciding to place online bets on cricket is convenience. The only three things you need to start betting online are an internet connection, a smart device, and some money. Players can bet from the comfort of their homes, from their work or from their car.


On average it only takes a few moments to place a bet on an online cricket betting site. There is no worse feeling than being late to place a bet just to find out a couple of hours later that it was a winning bet. This will happen very rarely with online betting. Even if you are late to place a bet pre-match, you can always place an in-play bet and watch cricket live score to find out the result.


Whether it is cricket betting or betting in general, it’s all about the adrenalin rush for most bettors. There is no better feeling for a gambler than the feeling you get when you realise your bet won. And with online betting, the fun is just a few clicks away.


For most Indians, betting is a quick and easy way of making money. They believe that gambling is as easy as picking a winner of a cricket match and getting financially rewarded. But there are many factors that go into this and we are here to explain them.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Cricket Betting Strategy
The Advantages Of Betting On Cricket 4

Bankroll Management

To achieve profitability while betting on cricket, you must master the skill of correct bankroll

management. The first rule of bankroll management is never to bet with the money you can’t afford to lose.

The second rule is to set an amount of money that will be used only for betting. When placing individual bets on cricket matches don’t stake more than 1% of your bankroll.

This way of managing your bankroll will help you get over bad stretches which are associated with cricket and all other sports betting. It will also help you not to chase losses by increasing the stake after you lose a bet.

Picking the Right Bookmaker

There are hundreds of betting sites available to Indians out there, and picking the right ones will be a key ingredient for success. If you have the possibility of creating multiple accounts at different online bookmakers this would be the best choice. The reason for this is that you should have more than one option available when placing a bet.

Read reviews of online cricket betting sites for Indians and choose a couple of the best ones. When making your choice consider factors like the reputation of the site, payment options, promotions, and customer support. Stay away from shady betting sites that don’t have reviews about them.

Finding Value

Value odds is the term used in cricket betting and it represents odds that don’t reflect the power ratio between cricket teams. While bookmakers do everything to avoid offering these kinds of odds it still happens. But finding them is no walk in the park, you need to be consistent and do your research.

Cricket betting is a marathon, and placing bets on odds that have value will make you a profitable bettor in the long run.

Excluding Emotions

Not allowing your emotions to get in the way of you becoming a successful bettor is another area you need to master. The first thing you need to do if you want to keep your emotions aside is not to place bets on your favourite teams.

One of the reasons sportsbooks are so successful is because they employ individuals who create odds without any personal emotions. This allows them to stay objective and make the best possible decisions.


Cricket is a religion in India and betting at online bookmakers on cricket matches is a favorite hobby for a lot of Indians. Indians love online betting because it’s fun, available, fast, and with the right strategies it can be an additional source of income.

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