The Coolest Christian Clothing Brands of 2020

The Coolest Christian Clothing Brands of 2020

It’s one of the biggest trends in fashion—Christian clothing. It’s growing in popularity every year and the Christian retail industry is worth more than $4 billion.

Kids, teens, and adults all love expressing their faith through trendy and comfortable clothing, like tees and sweatshirts. Stylish graphics and faith-inspired images, in chic black and white or vibrant colors, are just what modern Christians are looking for.

Are you ready to start shopping? If so, keep reading to find some of the coolest Christian clothing brands to check out in 2020.

God Is Dope

We all know God *is* dope, but if you want to make sure the whole world knows too, check out the God Is Dope clothing brand. This Atlanta-based brand offers unisex clothing that’s both affordable and stylish.

Currently, they are selling hoodies, hats, and t-shirts, all with catchy phrases like ‘Just God’, all in bright colors and cool graphics.

They’d make a great gift for just about anyone who’s proud of their faith.


We love the brand Sacrize for its wide range of Christian clothing products for both men and women. Founded in 2018, they have the aim of producing high-quality clothes that are comfortable and hip.

The women’s ‘O Lord’ hoodie is sure to be a bestseller, along with the metallic Hosanna t-shirt.

To start shopping, find womens Christian apparel here. They’ve got plenty of stylish pieces of apparel for either yourself or to give as a gift.

Beacon Threads

Beacon Threads is another popular Christian clothing brand, featuring designs for both kids and adults. The bold and colorful t-shirts for kids would make great gifts for any little ones in your life, especially the ‘Trust God + Chill’ product.

They also offer leggings, sweatpants, hoodies, and t-shirts for both men and women.

Dope Faith Apparel

You gotta have faith, so check out Dope Faith apparel to spread the good word with your style. This cool brand believes in fun and stylish clothing that helps you express your faith to others.

Shoppers will find plenty of colorful graphic tees and hoodies, all for reasonable prices.

Girl Plus God

If you’re looking for a female-owned business, Christian women may like Girl Plus God. We like their colorful, simple, but powerful designs, which let everyone around you know that you’re a woman of faith.

They’ve also created an online, faith-based community for Christian women, which is great to see.

Shop These Christian Clothing Brands Today

Are you ready to showcase both your fashion sense and your faith? If so, these are the Christian clothing brands you need to know.

They all offer online ordering and shipping, so you can have the coolest threads shipped straight to your door. Plus, Christian clothing makes a great gift or Christmas present for just about anyone in your life.

Get started today by shopping for the styles that represent your personality and beliefs.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, please keep browsing for more top fashion and lifestyle tips.

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