The Fitness Tips We Can Learn from the NBA

The Fitness Tips We Can Learn From The Nba

Wouldn’t it be great to be as strong and fit as an NBA star? No matter what type of work you do and lifestyle you live, there are now some great tips to help you to do this easily. TrainForA5k has a free guide to running so that you can start your journey to be like an NBA star.

The following are some of the best ideas to bear in mind in the future.

Use the NBA ´s Own Fitness Tips

The NBA teamed up with Under Armor in 2016 to produce an app that brings you a variety of professional tips and advice. Their NBA Fit app was created to let you carry out challenges, train like the pros, and hook up with friends too, while monitoring the improvements in your fitness as you go.

 It was available on both the App Store and Google Play Store but doesn´t appear to be available at the time of writing. However, you can check out the NBA Fit site, where you will discover lots of fitness tips and workout plans to go through at your leisure.

For example, we can see workouts from the likes of Lonzo Ball, Bradley Beal, and Russell Westbrook on the site right now. Just choose your favorite basketball player and then see what fitness tips they have to offer that you could be interested in using.

Choose a Fitness Plan

NBA players are among the fittest and strongest athletes around. However, not everyone wants to carry out the same punishing routine as these athletes. Perhaps you want a fairly gentle plan that you can fit around your life, or maybe you are h appy pushing yourself to the limit.

An example of an NBA-style fitness plan is this tough 5-day program created by Denver Nuggets’ head strength and conditioning coach, Steve Hess. It includes standing low cable pulls, kettlebell row split squats, and dumbbell hammer curls with squats. Overall, it is a highly varied set of exercises 

More gentle options are available online too. It is simply a question of looking for the right plan for your needs and then carrying it out as well as you can. There is nothing to stop you from switching from one program to another as you feel like it.

Eat and Live Like a Pro

The incredible fitness levels achieved by NBA stars isn´t just down to the way that they work out. As well as their intense exercise regimes, these athletes also eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. The latest NBA betting odds reflect the fitness of the players, as unfit teams won´t win games. You can check them here on

Most have personal chefs and fitness coaches, but there is no need to go this expense provided that you take a sensible approach.  We can see NBA diet examples on the internet, with a balanced diet typically made up of a mixture of protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products.

Getting enough sleep is also vital for anyone who wants to be fit and perform at a high level. This is a major issue for NBA players, with tough training schedules and a lot of traveling making it incredibly difficult to get enough sleep. In fact, sleep deprivation can affect anyone who needs to perform to a high level consistently, so finding a way to fit enough hours of rest in your day is crucial.


You don´t need to dream of being a top player with the Los Angeles Lakers or the Boston Celtics to want to be as a fit as an NBA star. Following the advice that is easily found online will help anyone to feel stronger and ready to live life to the full every day. 

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