The Impact of Lockdown On Pest Control Companies

The Impact of Lockdown On Pest Control Companies

Lockdown is slowly easing up, and the need for pest companies to assist with pest eradication will gradually rise with it. With fewer people roaming the streets and disturbing the vermin, there has been a slight increase in inactivity. Hopefully, the allowance of movement from one business to another, this too shall pass.

However, in other aspects, the pest control industry was given the upper hand when it came to taking care of humans because their business model mainly aims at protecting humans even though it is done by removing pests.

Covid-19 is still seen as a pest for the harmful effects it has on people. Pest companies were thus employed to supply sanitisers, masks and gloves for those who needed them in hospitals, doctors, clinics and labs.


The number one place where environmental service company was called to assist was in hospitals to set up sanitary stations and secure areas most affected by infections. They were also responsible for removing waste and ensuring that everything that came into contact with someone who had Covid-19 was adequately disposed of in the correct waste bins. Unfortunately, the pest element needed to be cleared to make sure that everything stayed as clean as possible. Rats and flies can often be found around hospitals because of waste. Even though skip bins can often be seen at hospitals for the disposal of basic waste, the need to have them constantly removed and returned remains a risk because of the spread of the pandemic. Cleaning the area, providing adequate cleaning materials for the staff and the patients and assisting with the maintenance of the hospitals is some of the reasons why pest control companies will be in demand until the pandemic is over.


Without humans to move around daily and constantly clean the streets, bins and general public areas, rodents and pigeons had all the space to nest and make themselves home. Wasps were also reported to have been a problem. Heat makes it a little harder to control all the pests, and many companies had their hands full.

Businesses that were closed still required routine checks to prevent infestations, and with everyone leaving their homes open during the warmer days, pigeons and rats were a problem because they could smell the food and rummage through the waste.

Moving into 2021

Pest control is likely to remain exempt from lockdowns because, during a pandemic that affects the health and wellness of the nation, specific individuals will need to step in to maintain it. They disrupt the pest breeding cycle and keep people safe from one more thing they do not need to worry about during a pandemic. The shops that remain open for people to do their grocery shopping will always need equipment and cleaning materials to keep any infection spread at bay. Pest control companies might not be in demand for the environmental clearance activities for housing during the pandemic. Still, they need commercial housing, healthcare, food and factories, all of which continue to trade and remain open during the pandemic.

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