The Importance of IT Skills for Young Children

It Skills

It’s evident just how ingrained technology is in modern life. There are few careers out there that don’t require some level of IT knowledge, and computer science is one of the fastest-growing fields there is. There are even curriculums being taught around the world, such as the IB program taught in this Shanghai international school, that utilize and stay on top of new technological advancements in their teaching. These are just a couple of reasons why IT skills are so crucial for young people today – read on for more reasons why your child should be developing their IT skills right now.

1 Problem-solving skills

A key benefit of teaching IT skills to children is the problem-solving skills they can develop at the same time. When learning how to do something new in IT class, children are solving problems by looking at the bigger picture and developing ways to break this down into smaller and more manageable tasks – this is a skill they can carry over to other subjects and even their everyday life.

The Importance Of It Skills For Young Children 1
The Importance Of It Skills For Young Children 5

2 Learning how to learn better

Kids with good IT skills can learn and grasp concepts in class quicker and without as much guidance. If children already have a basic understanding of computers, they’ll find learning more difficult things in IT class much simpler. Plus, kids that have been exposed to computers will likely have better problem-solving skills that will help them day-to-day at school in all subjects.

3 Knowing how to use devices at home

It’s likely that your family has a few devices at home like a computer, tablet, and smartphone. It’s also likely that your children have an eager interest in using them. Although it’s a good idea to always monitor your children’s use of these devices, there’s no denying that it’s helpful when they’re able to navigate their own way through apps like YouTube and Netflix Kids. They can also use devices at home to access educational sites to help with their schooling.

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The Importance Of It Skills For Young Children 6

Note: if you’re worried about your child’s internet use at home, you can install parental controls that limit the sites and material your child can view on your home network. Read about how to do it here

. As mentioned, even if you do have parental controls enabled, you should always monitor your children’s use of the internet to keep them safe.

4 Developing skills they will need later in life

Did you know that jobs in the computer and information technology field are expected to grow by 12% by 2024? In the 21st century, there’s almost no job out there that doesn’t use IT in some way. IT skills really are a necessity for today’s world, and the earlier these skills are taught to children, the longer they have to master them and therefore be a better fit for the modern career market.

What’s more is that even if your child doesn’t need to utilize IT skills in their future career, they will require these skills in their day-to-day life; so much of life today is already digitized (communications, banking, making appointments, etc.)  – now, imagine what it will be like when your child is an adult.

5 Learning Coding

Following on from the point above, individuals that understand coding are a hot commodity in the job world right now (and will be in the future). Being able to code well is no easy feat, and it’s best for young children to be introduced to this skill as early as possible; that way, when it comes to learning more complex coding, they already have some experience and will have that bit of confidence that makes learning so much easier.

6 Enhancing creativity

Introducing IT skills at a young age can help build kids’ confidence and creativity. To master computer skills, children are forced to think outside the box and are in a position to create solutions to problems they previously haven’t encountered. Kids can also use programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create artwork or create music using programs like Garageband – there’s really no end to the kind of creativity that can come from technology.

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