The journey of totes from past to present

The journey of totes from past to present

The term tote means “to carry”. While tote bags were first made during the 17th century, it was only after the 1900s that they started becoming popular. It started its popularity when a renowned clothing company launched its iconic Boat Bag. Interestingly, the purpose of that first tote bag was to transport ice while you are on vacations/trips. The bag was continued to be produced with little variation in the design. With time totes became a staple accessory in the carrying out errands and chores, which then blazed a trail to the tote bag growing into a style statement during the 1960s.

Upon the popularity of tote bags amongst everyone, designers like Bonnie Cashin took the challenge of taking functional design and transformed it into something chic. The tote also grabbed the attention of the scholarly society when the acclaimed New York City bookstore, The Strand, redefined and designed its variant of the traditional tote. The best tote bags for teachers started growing from there. In the present day, tote bags are seen on runways making a fashion statement and still fulfilling its purposes to the fullest. 

At present, eco-friendly totes come in a range of colours, sizes and designs. You can also find totes with prints on them. Tote bags are versatile and the most helpful bags anyone can have. The soft material also makes it feasible to personalise to your preferences and necessities.

In the past, hemp was very often used to weave tote bags. Other materials that go well with these bags are cotton or linen. It is not possible for anyone to know about totes and not come across the term canvas. The term canvas means the weave of the fabric. Often people mistake it to be the material content. The best tote bags for teachers are mostly of the duck canvas type having tight weaves to withstand the weight of books, copies, etc. Canvas is lightweight yet sturdy, making it highly desired for everyday products. There is almost zero harm from using canvases. Plus in this generation where it is so essential to be environmentally conscience, canvas materials come to the rescue. 

The historical uses of tote bags

Throughout history, tote bags have been used for several purposes. 

Grocery comes first in my head whenever I think of hemp tote bags. Recyclable grocery tote bags are legendary in grocery stores, substituting the harmful plastic options. Environmentally-conscious customers take these tote bags with them at the stores to bring their groceries to their homes. Tote bags for work can accommodate everything from important documents and laptop to your lunchbox. They are the embodiment of comfort for any working woman or man.

 Tote bags serve teachers as well as students in a school. Whether it is notebooks, journal or laptop, canvas totes can contain them all. The best tote bags for teachers serve as a fashion statement as well as carries everything thing a teacher needs. 

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