The Most Common Mistake While Creating a Password

Most Common Mistake While Creating a Password

Cybersecurity is big news, and we are always being told to be secure with our online presence. It can be hard to remember some passwords as there are so many to remember, and you need to use so many different sites. It’s hard to get a happy medium between one we can remember and one someone else can crack. It would help if you were ultra hot deluxe when it comes to changing and updating as it is best to do.

Easy Mistakes to Make

Often you will be told to change the password regularly. The problem here is that you can do that too often. It is tempting to change a small portion of the password to make it easier to remember. Doing this makes it as easy to steal the password as it is when not changing them. If you have had one password stolen, the hacker will try variations of it just in case. The complexity can also cause you problems. Too many variations can make it easier to work it out. A longer one with letters and numbers can be stronger than a short one with symbols and alternation between cases.

Check Your Password out

Not many people know that there are sites that will rate your password. They can tell you if it is used frequently, it has been compromised in the past. This alone will not cure the problem but can help. It may also help to keep a list of passwords that you have used before. When you need to alter one, you can easily check if it has been used by you previously.  It will also prevent you from swapping the sites you use a word on it. Using the same one on a few sites can be dangerous as once one is compromised, they all can be. Just because you have stopped using a word on one site, it can be identified as being used elsewhere.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

It is certainly true when it comes to passwords and privacy. Using your name or the name of a pet may help you remember the password, but it is also easy to crack. If you are posting pictures of your pet or a family member, do not then use their name as a password. A cyber-criminal will soon make the connection. Obvious ones should also be avoided. 123456 or ABCDEF will be ones that a hacker will try because they are so obvious.

Home Sweet Home

The next point may not be exactly creating a password but is still essential. It may be safe to save a password when using your machines at home, but never on a public machine. It is not even safe to keep a cyber list of passwords. If you need that, then it should be written down and kept far away from your machine. The harder you make it for your passwords to be detected, the safer your details and finances will be.

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