The Most Promising Green Jobs of the Future

green jobs

The Upcoming Vanishing Green Jobs 

They are working for us: an army of professionals who have made environmental care their mission. Find out which are the eco-friendly professions that will slap the crisis.

They fight water pollution, work to guarantee cleaner air, give our waste a second life, and invest money and creativity in cutting-edge and environmentally friendly production processes. They have contagious talent and energy: we are talking about professionals who have made eco-sustainability their mission. Eco-chefs, “green” stylists, hybrid car engineers, experts of wind and photo voltaic systems, defenders of our green lungs, masters of recycling: keep an eye on them because they could be the ones to challenge the crisis.

In an economic phase dominated by the recession, new trades related to the reuse of materials, cutting waste and renewable energy are creating jobs. According to the latest report by the International Labor Organization on Green New Deal Jobs, released in early June, the transition from the oil era to a green economy could in fact generate 15 to 60 million new jobs in the span of the next twenty years. In the following pages, a selection of the 10 most promising environmentally friendly professions, from those born recently to traditional ones but reinvented in a green key, with some advice on the training required to access them.

Up to 10 thousand new hires in the coming years: a good incentive to push future engineers to specialize in the green building sector. While the search for eco-sustainable solutions is spreading within the houses and buildings under c onstruction, the demand for professionals who know how to combine energy efficiency with pleasing aesthetic solutions is also growing. Do you want to install solar panels on the roof? The designer of photo voltaic systems will be able to integrate them in the best way in the existing view and architecture. Does that new business district want to reduce energy waste? Better to call a specialist in energy planning management, who will tell you where to cut and which plants to convert; and to design the insulation of a building, a specialized engineer is naturally required.

Engineering remains the most sought after degree by companies that deal with green building, but also architecture and design professionals can find an active and booming market in this field. After graduation, a good idea is to attend a master’s degree for energy consultants, in bio architecture or in green building and energy saving, based on the specialization that you intend to pursue. The more enterprising can open an associated studio for the design of low-consumption buildings and energy re qualification and work on their own, even if there is no shortage of recruitment in this field. According to estimates by the CNI Study Center (National Council of Engineers), by 2020 more than 20% of engineering graduates could find space in green building.

Those who have a passion for chemistry and love to spend time outdoors have what it takes to work in the field of environmental monitoring. In particular, there is a growing need for these figures in the field of water control. The reckless exploitation of rivers, coasts and lakes is putting a strain on the Italian aquatic ecosystem: according to Legambiente one in five samples of river water is of poor or poor quality, and a quarter of groundwater is contaminated, in particular by nitrates, substances present in fertilizers.


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