The Power of Visuals in the Real Estate Market

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When selling a home, great visuals should be one of your go to techniques. Whether it is visuals for the display window at your real estate agency office or content for your website, great visuals can make all the difference.

Images and visuals are important factors for both the buyer and the seller of properties. Visuals allow the sellers to show off their property and make a great first impression on prospective buyers. The buyers, on the other hand, get a chance to experience what the property is like and get a glimpse of what’s available. Poor quality visuals would have a negative effect on both parties.

Are visuals & photographs of a real estate listing important to a seller?

The power of visuals should not be underestimated, for example, 68.9% of real estate agents believe that professional photography helps them brand their business. A further, 88.0% of realtors agree that professional photos help increase the number of showings booked and online listing views obtained.

Furthermore, the following figures really hammer home the need for proper, high quality visual assets.

● 72.2% of realtors believe that high-quality photography helps them obtain more listings over their rivals.

● House listings containing aerial footage and photographs sell 68% faster than those that do not contain these.

● Approximately 32% of homes which are listed with high-quality photographs sell faster than those without. 

● Homes listed with a single photo spend around 70 days on the market, whereas those with 20 images usually sell within a month.

The use of high quality visuals not only helps attract more interest and views in a property, they also have a profound effect on the valuation of a property. Listings which contain high quality images have been found to sell 39% closer to the original listing price and achieve a 47% higher offer per square foot. 

Are visuals & photographs of a real estate listing important to a buyer?

On average people looking to purchase a property spend approximately 124 hours searching. 

87% of homebuyers searching for property on the internet found images to be essential when trying to find a home that they like. On average, viewers of a listing spend 60% of the time checking images and only 20% reading the description. 

Using high quality visuals and photos can help retain the viewers attention for 20 seconds.

Do real estate companies use high quality visuals & photographs?

Currently, only 15% of homes use high-quality photography and visuals when listing their properties.

This seems strange since it is clear that the use of high-quality photos and visuals can go a long way to improve credibility of a listing, engage the potential buyers and even increase the selling price.

If you are a realtor and are looking for a way to easily improve your real estate listings, PropTexx’s Photo Enhancement AI could be of interest to you.

PropTexx uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and the latest property technology to optimize all your photos in seconds. This new property technology allows any real estate agent with a decent camera or smartphone to drastically alter their imagery by simply dragging or uploading a photo from your device and watching while the AI does the rest. Within a few moments, you will have a stunning image with a beautiful sky in the background, perfect alignment, and color enhancements.

Photos of properties that needed a professional to come in and remove objects, declutter large rooms, or even perhaps manually enhance a photo is a thing of the past. Whether you are looking to brighten up a dark room or change the sky from cloudy and grey to sunny and blue, PropTexx Photo Enhancement AI is here to help you take your imagery to the next level.

Proptexx can also create a cinematic view of the properties for realtors to really show their listings. Realtors can submit simple drawings of a property they are selling, and the professionals at Proptexx will convert these images into a 3D building with a cinematic view. All this is done within two days for just a few dollars. With these 3D drawings, a client can tour all the rooms that a house has with just a few clicks. They can also rotate and zoom to clearly view the various aspects of the house before they choose. 

Final thoughts

When you look at the effect high quality photos and visuals have on real estate, it is clear that realtors should invest a little time and effort into producing the best assets they can. Realtors who take advantage of the tools that startups like Proptexx are offering will surely be able to attract much more interest in their listings and generate more sales.

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