The Top 10 Office 365 Backup Tools

Office 365 Backup Tools

Data backup is one of the best methods to give your Microsoft Office 365 data an additional layer of protection. While Microsoft provides its customers with infrastructure, having your data backed up is your responsibility. To do it, you can use a variety of built-in and third-party tools.

If your data is backed up, you can restore it after accidental deletions, malicious user behavior, cyber attacks, and other security incidents. Also, an organization may need a backup to meet compliance requirements or industry standards that cover sensitive information protection.

There are many options to back up your data. How to choose among them? In this article, we’ll look at popular Office 365 backup and recovery solutions, their features, and pricing. We hope this will give you a better understanding of the market.

The Best Backup Solutions for Microsoft Office 365

Features, pricing, and many other factors affect the choice of a service provider. It’s important to take into account that each workflow is unique and has its own needs. While choosing a backup solution, you have to understand its features and help with your specific tasks.

In this list, you’ll get a brief overview of ten tools that can help you to protect your data from various threats.


Backupify is one of the most-known cloud backup providers for Office 365. In 2014, Backupify was acquired by Datto Corporation. Backupify provides automated backups three times a day across Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Contacts, and Calendar. Other functions include. Intelligent API throttling, preservation of ex-employees’ data, and many others.

According to the website, Backupify is intended for large companies with 250 or more user licenses. Backupify pricing varies depending on the subscription plan.


SpinBackup is a backup and recovery solution provided by Spin Technology. This tool’s functionality includes automated and on-demand backup and granular recovery for Office 365 services (Outlook, Contacts, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint). Key features include backup versioning, folder hierarchy preservation, advanced search and reporting options, single pane of glass control panel, migration between O365 accounts, customizable storage locations, and others.

The pricing of SpinBackup O365 restore solution is $4 per user per month (annual subscription). This tool can be upgraded with a unique ransomware protection module that automatically stops ransomware attacks on Office 365.


Afi offers automated and on-demand backup for Office 365. This product’s key features include backup versioning, customizable storage locations, granular recovery, end-user self-restore, detailed log, and others. The pricing of Afi’s tool varies depending on the number of client’s user licenses. Also, there is an option to customize the pricing if you need to back up SharePoint only.


CodeTwo provides a desktop app that connects with your O365 environments via Exchange Web Services. This solution’s functionality covers Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint sites, emails, OneDrive files, and Teams. CodeTwo provides automated or on-demand backups.

Some of the key features include data migration, granular recovery, an option to restore data to the same or new user, automatic archiving, and many others. The pricing significantly depends on the number of client users.


CloudAlly, a Zix company, offers automated and on-demand backup for Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Groups, and Teams. CloudAlly was among the first Office 365 cloud backup providers. This tool offers multiple storage locations for backup data. Also, CloudAlly provides a user-friendly admin panel to oversee and manage your data. Similar to many other solutions, CloudAlly supports granular recovery and the ability to choose a user for restoring data.

The pricing is 3$ per user per month.


Spanning, a Kaseya company, provides backup and recovery services for Outlook (including emails, contacts, events, and other Calendar data), OneNote, and SharePoint Online. This tool’s key features include automated and on-demand backup, time-based restore, cross-user restore, end-user self-restore, and granular recovery.

The subscription pricing for Office 365 backup is $4 per user per month (annual commitment). Also, Spanning provides a variety of administration and reporting features.


Acronis is another tool that provides automated and on-demand backups. This tool allows you to protect your Microsoft Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The features include granular recovery, advanced search, and many other data protection, cybersecurity, and management features. For example, Acronis provides protection against ransomware, cryptojacking, exploits, and other threats.

As for pricing, Office 365 backup starts from 89 € (approximately $110).


Altaro provides backup for Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The core features include granular recovery, advanced functionality for search, reporting, and analytics. Altaro provides a multi-tenant console that helps to manage backups. Altaro stores backup data using the Microsoft Azure cloud. Primarily, this solution focuses on MSPs’ needs.

Altaro’s pricing is pretty customizable. It depends on the license number, subscription period (3 years subscription is 15% cheaper), and Office 365 services you would like to include in your plan.


SysCloud offers automated and on-demand backup and recovery services for Outlook, People (Contacts), Calendar, OneDrive files, and SharePoint data. Some of the key features include folder hierarchy preservation, cross-user restore, and advanced reporting. SysCloud has a strong focus on providing security services for K-12 schools.

This Office 365 backup tool’s price is $4 per user per month (annual subscription).

Backup and Sync

There is one more software worth mentioning. Microsoft provides its tools. This tool allows you to synchronize your computer with your OneDrive. With this function, you’ll have your files stored in two places simultaneously. When you make changes to your files, both versions are affected.

Compared to specialized solutions, the Backup and Sync tool has limited functionality. However, this tool may be useful in some cases. For example, if you don’t rely on services other than OneDrive and storing backup data on your computer is acceptable for you.

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