The World Constitution: One World Government can save The Earth

The World Constitution: One World Government can save The Earth 1

Be one of the NWG’s leaders, our only chance now of managing the crazy political ideas. Print and sign this document and then show all your social media support. With your support, you will be able to launch this historic moment. There will be no longer need for war, poverty, jealousy, hate-making, racism, pessimism and withdrawal by millions of people, a global government founded on pure democracy, fairness, justice and freedom for every man and woman.

It is urgent that you receive and share with all your friends and partners your copy of the Global Constitution immediately. People are at the brink of the largest catastrophe in the overall development of life on Earth, so you’ll be known to contribute to the demise of every life on Earth if you don’t. You must read and fully appreciate the world’s first effort to save all of human life and all other life on this planet if you are searching for something that can either interrupt or reverse our crash as a civilization. Extinction always is. Extinction is forever.

The Global Constitution is the first global attempt to create a basic set of universal rules and regulation that all nations throughout the world would be forced to obey. If you are a fan of our Mother Earth you need to know more. In terms of their military strength, all existing international bodies, the five largest ones, were set up. Thus these organizations, because the founding nations really dictate conditions in all Member States, cannot impose discipline on all the countries concerned, and therefore current attempts to develop an international governance system that can fairly and equitably enforce the rules are stupid and are active.

You are about to read the Global Constitution which is based on the principles of freedom, justice and equality enjoyed by people in a few countries. This is the first known attempt to present a global legal platform for the freedoms we all want to see and present this platform to the world in such a way that all civilized countries of the Earth can debate and eventually adopt it–before it is too late. In these past few years, even when national constitution and other traditions prohibit the concentration of political power on the small or elite, we have seen the rises of dictatorial powers into a De-Facto form of government. In order to stop mass chaos which appears to be spreading around the world like a plague, we have also seen the need of a uniform legal system all over the world.

At present, in nations such as China, Russia, European Unión, India and even the United States, we see a demand for more democratic actions and to counter dictatorial decisions, but we do not yet see a way to impose a fairer and fairer system with just one stroke on all of the nations in the world. A globalized constitution is the only way of granting the planet’s current path to almost certain destruction, all of which is possible by our fundamental, unalienable rights, freedoms, and justice to enough people in time.

The worldwide politicians believe that they are all about bringing true democracy to the world or to their country. We never want to do so, though. They all lie to us and that is why we will never have to provide their services as soon as we achieve a real democracy, and especially one that can be fully carried out over the Internet. AND more important, every time they get their snookers into a twist about a perceived offense by another national leader they would not be able to steal billions of dollars of their own people or threaten the Global Thermonuclear War. PRINT YOU DOCUMENT Help Save Our Earth!

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