The World’s Best-Selling Audible Books

Audible Books

The World’s Best-Selling Audible Books

Personally, I am more visual than auditory. I don’t capture information or literary style in the same way. In audio, I can lose track. So, at conferences or meetings, I should take note to keep important information in mind. It would therefore be difficult for me to follow a technical or educational book by audio. The only mediums I can listen to are poetic audio books and short news. I will prefer the novel to the written and paper format. Finally, it is difficult for me to determine the best audible books while doing something else, whereas there undoubtedly lays its major advantage for the common of its users.

I found this article recently on Medium; the audio books are really very complete. I think that by reading it you will have an excellent overview of the pros and cons. personally I am not too fanatic but there are times when they are really appreciated. It has a definite advantage: it allows anyone to use their hidden time. The masked time is that which makes it possible to do or undertake a second activity, while the previous one is being executed. The audio book allows you to learn while driving, for example. Music is another method of using your masked time; I think that’s why it is so appreciated. You can listen to them in all circumstances, running, or on the bus, in waiting rooms  and learn something in your spare time without disturbing anyone. They are very useful for people who are slightly dyslexic or who are more attentive to hearing than to reading. I don’t see any. We can always take notes. Personally, I find it very difficult to stay focused on an audio book. I don’t have this problem with reading at all. If I do something at the same time (cook, tinker), I totally focus on what I do. If I don’t do anything special, I think of something else and my mind wanders. In both cases, I lose the thread and have to go back.

Their portability, usability, discretion.

For people who spend their lives behind the wheel, this is a very good way to reduce the stress caused by traffic conditions. For people who spend their lives standing on public transport, it is much more practical than holding an open book in front of you. Their price, still as expensive as the paper book, if not more. A different approach to literature, the voice of readers can influence your vision of the work read.

If the book is purchased on a digital platform, the document may not be permanent. What are the best applications for audio books? In my opinion I am not a great reader, but all the same it is an advantage for me to get started with audio book applications. This allows me to flourish, to create my personal little cocoon to which real readers have access and that we on our side who try to read but impatience prevents us. Certain person in my case knows that; (that is to say, open a book with motivation, read 2 to 3 pages, close the book and tell yourself that we will resume it later, but it will remain in your closet abandoned for several years and even sometimes sell it by the XD suite…), with the audio book the advantage is that I don’t consider it a chore. The best audio book application for me is “AUDIBLE” edited by AMAZON, that’s what I advise you. If you want to know more about this application you can click on the link which will be below which will direct you to the AMAZON application directly, this will be easier and faster for you, and they are more apt than me to inform you on it.

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