Things to Know Before Getting a Chihuahua

Things to Know Before Getting a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas come in a bitsy package but have big personalities they are not hysterical to show. While they’re a fascinating strain, “Chis” (as possessors affectionately call them) have a tendency to be a bit brassy. The Chihuahua Club of America actually refers to the strain’s expression as”saucy.”

But for all the cheek and sauce, this toy strain is a devoted companion.” Chihuahuas are veritably pious, loving faves,” says Linda George, president of the Judges Education Committee for the Chihuahua Club of America.”Chihuahuas that I’ve bred and raised generally remember me times after they’ve gone to another home.”

Chihuahuas vary in appearance, as some have a shorter, smooth fleece, while others have a longer fleece. Some of them are also called brindle chihuahua. They also tend to live longer than numerous types Possessors can anticipate watching for their Ki for over to 18 times.

 They’re busy tykes and like to be close to their proprietor, frequently underfoot. Chihuahuas are also good trolls thanks to their foreigner peril tendencies. Further than just a” bag canine, “Chihuahuas are a veritably alert strain that loves to be on the go with their possessors. Get ready for people to”ohhhh” and “awww” over your doggy — and rest assured, your Ki will love it.


 Variety is the name of the game when it comes to how Chihuahuas look. There are two main types of fleeces Smooth and long. Smooth fleeces are candescent and fit close to the body with a trim of thick, longer hair at the neck.

Long fleeces have softer fur that is flat or slightly curved, with a borderline of hair at the cognizance and a plumed tail. Long-haired Chihuahuas also have a trim on the neck and longer hair on their bases, on their legs (which is appertained to as”pants”), and on their stomach ( called a” frill”).

 Their coloring and markings can be veritably different as well. Chihuahuas can be solid-multicolored black, white, fawn, chocolate, argentine, or tableware, with a range of tones for all colors. They can also be tricolor (in chocolate, black, or blue with tan and white, for case), brindle, spotted, and merle.

Chihuahua heads can also vary. They can moreover have a rounder apple head or a deer-shaped head, which is narrower with a longer conk. And despite their small elevation — they weigh anywhere from 3 – 6 pounds — Chihuahuas have big smarts, making them quick-witted and easy to train. But because of their small bladder and strong-conscious personality, they are not particularly easy to house train.


Lapdogs through and through, Chihuahuas can not get enough time with people. However, they may be snuggled up under a mask or coiled up in a corner, If they are not snuggled up with you. Or they have managed to find a spot of sun to lounge in.

Owners say Chihuahuas are great cacklers. They’re excellent trolls — thanks to their bold personalities and terrier-suchlike stations — as they’re suspicious of nonnatives.

As with all types, fraternize your Chihuahua pup so she can grow up to be comfortable around new people, creatures, and situations — and not be so yappy. Generally, Chihuahuas bond to an individual person. They can warm up to others formerly duly introduced, but they do so on their own timeline.


Chihuahuas can be a great choice if you are looking for a dog that looks fancy and have a great personality. But be aware of their temperament & you’ll enjoy every moment you spend with them.

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