This Is How to Choose a Perfume That’s Right for You

How To Choose A Perfume

Are you looking for a new scent? It can be hard to find just the right one and even harder to commit to the price of it if you aren’t sure. But, you can find the right perfume if you do a little bit of homework before you start shopping. 

Keep reading to learn how to choose a perfume that you know you will love. 

Research First

Since there are many different options to choose from at the store you should do your research before you head out the door. Start by deciding the price point you are comfortable spending.

Since perfume is a luxury item the cost can vary greatly between the different brands. You can browse the different options that are available on websites such as and you can even shop there too. 

If you are purchasing the perfume as a gift you should consider not only the impact it will be on your personal finances but also what type of relationship you have with this person. For instance, a gift for your girlfriend or wife will generally mean you should spend more than if it were a gift for an acquaintance. 

Determine Lasting Power

Perfumes will have different names depending on how long they last or the concentration of the scent. Usually, the perfumes that are the most expensive will also be the ones that have better lasting power. To tell the difference, you must become familiar with the different terms. 

An eau de cologne has the lowest scent concentration with around 3% to 5% of oil mixed with water and alcohol. This fragrance will usually last around two hours.

Eau de toilette is next in line with a lasting power of about three to four hours. It has around 4% to 8% oil. Lastly, eau de parfum has the longest-lasting scent concentration with 15% to 18% oil and is expected to last up to six hours. 

Discover Your Favorite Scent Family

There are four scent categories that perfumes usually fall into. When picking a perfume for yourself you can determine which family of scents you prefer while testing them at the store. If you are buying it as a gift for a friend then you can see what other kinds of perfumes they usually use. 

Citrus perfumes have a fresh bright scent that usually smells like grapefruit or oranges. Floral perfumes smell like flowers such as roses or lavender. 

Oriental perfumes smell musky and have complex scent profiles involving vanilla, cinnamon, and other similar tones. Woody perfumes generally smell very earthy and usually contain patchouli and bergamot type fragrances. 

Learn More About How to Choose a Perfume Today

When determining how to choose a perfume for either yourself or as a gift for someone else you should start by doing a little research on the various types. Start by deciding how much you are planning on spending before going shopping. 

Next, you will determine what kind of perfume to buy by choosing a scent concentration and what scent family you prefer. 

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