Tips for Recruiting Staff in the Context of Technology


In life, people come first, as the pandemic recently reminded us. This principle is particularly important in the world of work. After all, it is the workers who connect the divisions of a company, who ensure the quality of its services, who serve as brand ambassadors and who, when selling, leave a lasting impression on customers. .

To increase its presence during a pandemic, even in the context of teleworking, the employer must have technical staff though it staffing who subscribe to its values, objectives and culture. Here are some easy-to-apply tips to perfect your recruiting techniques.

Define the Brand Image and the Needs of the Company

Applicants should fully understand the brand image you want to convey and the role they will have to play. Look for people who will be aware of the consequences of their work and whose values ​​and mission will echo yours.

On the other hand, make sure your employees identify with your company’s culture and feel they can thrive there. In short, understanding the potential contribution of candidates and employees to business goals is a recruiting and retention technique that you will need to master.

Find out what the CV is hiding

Millennials, now the majority in the US labor market, are more likely than baby boomers to lie on their resumes, according to an online survey result. It is not uncommon to come across an almost impeccable CV in which the candidate claims to have all the necessary experience and skills. What is the solution to flush out CVs that might contain lies?

A background check rigorous confirm ation of studies and jobs, and a search on social media do not only validate the candidates’ statements; they also protect the company from criminal acts and significantly promote the hiring of quality candidates. As you will see, the perfect looking candidate is not always who they say they are.

Human resources professionals have a fundamental responsibility to defend the interests of their employer, which they do by protecting the company, its reputation and its people.

The transition to telecommuting has introduced many previously unusual virtual tools, which means you will need to assess candidates’ work habits and confirm that they will have no trouble taking distance training. To create an environment conducive to lifelong learning, stress the importance of communicating frequently and clearly.

You do not always have to go far to find the perfect candidate. Building a culture of internal promotion is an often-overlooked way to promote the growth of the company and the people who work for it.

When evaluating internal candidates, start by confirming that the person you have set your sights on is indeed suitable for the role. Has she, for example, expressed a desire to climb the corporate ladder in internal conversations or on social media? Identifying the ambitious is a good way to avoid unnecessary steps.

Then, to engage your star employees, devote resources to career planning, professional development and leadership training. Re-evaluate the benefits you offer your staff. Recognize the competence of your workers to encourage them to advance in their careers without ceasing to pursue the objectives of the company.

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