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How to Get on Track

What is the point of posting a video on YouTube if it is not viewed once? This is the eternal question posed by any video marketing specialist. While 300 hours of video are uploaded to the platform every minute, businesses face stiff competition to get their message across. We kept telling you, 2016 is the year of video. More and more companies are giving importance to video content. You must therefore succeed in distinguishing yourself from others, before your brand drowns in the crowd. Promoting your YouTube channel is art, and there is a fine line between an anonymous painting and a masterpiece praised by all.

How to promote your YouTube channel

Create Memorable Titles

What is one of the first things you do before you decide whether or not to watch a video on YouTube? And for instance you can make channels like misterio to attract more attention. You will most likely start by reading the title of the video. If you decide to spend a minute of your time watching a video, you will choose the one you are sure of. In other words, the title should:

Tips To Promote Your YouTube Channel 1

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Be short and concise

If the title of your video is cut or confused, it’s a safe bet that no viewer will click on it. To increase its visibility, be sure to add the relevant keywords that are most relevant to your content. A catchy title is more likely to get a click back.

Create a thumbnail YouTube image true to your video

Besides the title, the thumbnail image of your video is another key element that will help you promote your YouTube channel. Your title may be perfect, but if your image has nothing to do with content, your target audience will likely be less likely to click on or share your video! If your video shows a cat playing a guitar, the picture should not show you adjusting your camera. As Kiss metrics explains, if your channel matches your brand image, your viewers and subscribers on YouTube can easily find it. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and your YouTube channel can no doubt help you promote your videos. As for your growing audience, they will recognize you among a thousand.

Improve the Referencing of Your Videos

The visibility of your channel and your videos goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. The YouTube platform is the second largest search engine. Optimized SEO on search engines will help improve the visibility of your videos to as many people as possible. Improving the visibility of your YouTube channel through quality SEO is good. Being truly committed is better. Like any social network, YouTube is a community. There are communities and sub-communities for tons of topics, so it’s very likely that your product or service could match one of them. Find active people in your YouTube community like tops de terror

that share your ideas and subscribe to their channels. Take the time to watch videos that truly interest you and give your opinion. Write useful comments, like the videos that you really like or that bring you something and, above all, share the videos that are of real interest to your community on social media.

It is by helping other YouTube users promote their channels rather than your own that you become an active and engaged member of a living community. Therefore, they will think of your channel. In other words, you are killing two birds with one stone. Organizing a contest can be a good way to get closer to your audience and increase the number of your subscribers. Who doesn’t love gifts? I’m sure you’ve already shared YouTube videos with friends or on your own social media in a contest. Post a video in the form of a call to action presenting the contest, the basic rules and encourage your audience to share it after their registration. Below is a list of YouTube contest ideas.

You can expand your community by collaborating with other YouTube users. Not only will you increase your visibility through other channels, but you will also allow your audience to make new discoveries. It is very likely that you work in the same industry as the users with whom you collaborate. By doing so, you are helping to broaden their experience with YouTube by introducing them to your audience. For experienced users of social media videos, this tip may seem unnecessary. It’s worth mentioning, however, that marketers can promote their channel on YouTube by interacting with their audience. If subscribers ask questions or express concerns, take the time to answer them. If someone has taken the time to share their opinion or ask you a question, don’t leave them unanswered.

Organizing a question-and-answer video is also another way to interact with your audience. Take a call to action in a video or other social channel by inviting members of your audience and your customers to ask their most pressing questions. Then create a video in which you respond to each one. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity to create new dynamic content and on the other hand, you engage your audience in your channel. In any case, it is proof that their opinions and concerns matter to you and that you are ready to give them your time to respond to them. If your audience is satisfied, they’ll be more likely to share your channel and videos.

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