Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends That You Have to Follow in 2020

Top 10 Digital Marketing

Voice-search engine optimization (VSEO), artificial intelligence, and data-driven marketing were rather far-fetching concepts till a few months ago. 

But things have changed, and today they have emerged as one of the most powerful digital marketing trends that every business owner should put on the priority list in 2020. 

These trends have been successful in making businesses competitive in today’s online landscape. 

It’s high time to make changes in the strategies because technology-based marketing fast quite faster. At the same time, predicting the overall behavior and interests of the customers gets very difficult. Let’s look at the top 10 digital marketing trends that every business needs to follow in 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence

Experts believe that 2020 is when millions of people will realize the importance of artificial intelligence (AI). The trend will be there at the center of the global business and industry later ahead in the future, and already it has taken away so many simple jobs. 

Some strong reasons to use AI are

  • All the startups are using AI to penetrate the market
  • AI empowers businesses to gain a competitive advantage
  • AI also helps in reducing overall costs
  • Customers have a liking toward AI-driven offerings

Overall, one can assert that AI is the future, and it is a must for businesses to invest in it.


Chatbots continue to be one of the essential elements of digital marketing in 2020. This is an AI-based technology and uses instant messages to the community in real-time with potential customers or visitors. Statistics that make Chatbots so popular are

  • 80% of the businesses will install chatbots by 2020
  • Chatbots work round the clock by offering instant responses and answers to the questions
  • Chatbots will power more than 85% of overall customer service by 2020
  • Chatbots will help businesses to save almost $8 billion annually by 2022

The former stats suggest why chatbots are an integral part of digital marketing trends that businesses need to keep in mind.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is a concept that makes use of AI to automate ad buying to target more specific customers. One of the latest examples of this concept is real-time bidding. This technology is extremely fast, as well as efficient. It is also effective in driving more and more clients to businesses to have a higher rate of conversions with lower customer acquisition costs. 


Businesses looking forward to outrunning the competitors and succeed in a successful position need to have personalized content, emails, content, and a lot more. It can be used as an invitation maker, and experts suggest that personalized emails have a 3-times better impact than batch mails. Have a look at the stats to understand the importance of personalization. 

  • 90% of customer suggest that personalization is quite appealing
  • 80% suggest that they are more eager to work with agencies that offer personalized services
  • 63% of the not so happy with the generic advertising blasts

It’s time high to add personalization in your marketing strategy to bring more and more clients. 

Social Media Stories

One of the most popular social media platforms, Snapchat, comes with the concept of “My Stories.” Then it came with Instagram and Facebook, and now YouTube has unveiled its story format. 

The great thing is that as these types of stories usually disappear after a while, it can turn out to be a great opportunity for the marketers to make excellent use of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Choose a reliable ad maker and post your story to attract the attention of the target customers. Check this site out

in order to make the best video ads. 

Perks of Social Media Stories are

  • Cost-efficient
  • Continuous engagement with the followers
  • Maximum brand awareness
  • Opportunity to reach a young audience
  • Maximum flow of traffic to the page

What else a business wants initially? 

Content Marketing

Google and other search engines have always been upfront about the quality content. It was once again highlighted through the BERT update that came in November 2019. More than 88% of B2B content marketers feel that excellent content lets the target audience consider the organization as a reliable resource. 

It’s high time for the businesses to keep investing in content marketing throughout 2020. Google and other search engines continue to value well-researched and well-presented, and, most importantly, regularly updated content.

Blockchain Technology

Not in just the financial world, but the use of blockchain is far wide-reaching. This technology has been successful in eliminating the intermediary from digital marketing and creates trust through transparency. At the same time, it also drives public accountability and offers other perks for branding. 

Social Media Marketing

2020 and after years  will also witness businesses realizing more the power of video and interactive matters on social media platforms to drive attention from the clients. They have to create stunning video ads and be authentic on social channels to nurture a community of loyal followers. A few social media trends that you can look for are

  • Facebook Watch
  • Facebook Pay
  • Cross-stream messaging
  • Snapchat AR
  • Twitter streaming
  • LinkedIn Video Ads

Video Marketing

Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important marketing trends today, and it will stay so for the next 5-10 years. Let’s check out the numbers that show the importance of video marketing

  • 52% of the clients have stated that watching product videos have strengthened their buying decision
  • 72% of business owners suggest that video marketing has helped them in improving the conversion rate
  • 70% of the clients they always share a video of the brand
  • 65% of marketing executives visit the website of the marketers, and 39% of them ask for a vendor after seeing the video

Videos have been the most popular and successful ways for the customers to know about the new products. 

Google Ads

With the severe competition on social media platforms suffocating the businesses’ organic reach, paid advertising has become a trusted force for businesses in 2020. Advertisers give Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns’ responsibility to Google’s AI system, and it will optimize their budget to increase their ROI. 


Change is an essential and inevitable part of the world of digital marketing. To upkeep with the competition, one has to become conversant with modern strategies by embracing new technologies. 

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