Top 10 Famous Advertising Jingles of All Time

Famous advertising Jingles of All Time

The ultimate aim of any advertisement is to reach a multitude of audiences. What is a better way to connect to the people that a short melody and jingle? Many brands have come up with new and interesting jingle that stayed with us for years.

Some significant advertising jingles are hard to forget. We have listed some of those advertising jingles of all times that will make you nostalgic.  So go ahead and give it a read.

1. Ponds: Googly Woogly Woosh

Ponds cold cream advertisement is so special for many of us. There was a time when you would have sung along the add ‘Googly Woogly Woosh.’ It still gives an amazing feeling to connect with the people.

Recently, Ponds launched a new version of emotional ‘Googly Woogly Wooksh’ that makes everyone nostalgic.  

2. Vodafone: You and I In This Beautiful World

Who can forget the Hutch dog advertisement where a dog follows the little boy everywhere? This advertisement intends to symbolize that you can carry the mobile phone and the network will follow you.

The lyrics of the song ‘You and I in this beautiful world’ made it very famous for everyone to sing along. I remember there were many network users with this song as their caller tune.

3. Close-up: Kya Aap Close Up Karte Hain

‘Kya Aap Close Up Karte Hain’ is a funny yet catchy advertisement that was fun to sing and imitate. This was an advertisement for Close-up toothpaste with retro vocals and fun music. It gained new customers for the products as well.

If you remember this add then, of course, you would be singing ‘Aap roz Close-up kyu nahi krte hai?’  Truly, some visuals and songs are hard to forget, especially when it reminds you of your childhood.   

4. Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai: Airtel

To target huge chunk of the young audience, friendship is a great topic of constructing the advertisement. Hence Airtel addressed the importance of friends in this commercial, and it was a great hit.

Today we still remember the song “Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai” we often see memes and jokes around this. So, you can relate to this Airtel add as a new friendship anthem for college students and youth.       

5. Pepsi: Oye Bubbly

Pepsi is a well-known brand for soft drinks all over the world. This advertisement’s jingle perfectly depicts the fizzy soft drink, and the tempting visual goes so well with the song.

Oye Bubbly is a famous jingle that cast Amitabh Bachchan, Rahul Dravid, and Sachin Tendulkar in the commercial. It has also seen many versions of this advertisement. 

6. Nirma: Washing Powder

Niram is an old detergent powder which gained a number of consumers in the past many years. One of the major reasons for the growth of sales was this advertising jingle. If you are the 90s born, then you would remember the song by heart.

‘Sabki Pasand Nirma’ washing powder Nirma is a detergent anthem if you like to say that. This iconic commercial was one of the longest aired that ran for years.

7. Tata Sky: Isko laga dala toh life jhinga lala

‘Isko laga dala to life jhinga lala’ is one of the commercials for Tata Sky. It advertises the dish TV with multiple channels. This gives a wide range Tata sky channel list, so that you never miss your show and matches.

This commercial has made it into a great jingle for creating the advertisement that stayed with us for a long time. Consequently, there were so many new subscribers for Tata Sky.

8. Pepsi: Ye Dil Maange More

Shahrukh Khan as the lead of the commercial actually made it very famous. ‘Dil Maange More’ is the jingle that will make you revisit your childhood. It is a brand that has many consumers, and these commercial ads more numbers to it.   

9. Cadbury: Kiss me close your eyes

Cadbury is a loved chocolate brand that releases fresh and creative advertisements to glue more eyes. With any new popular product comes a new advertisement that targets the audience. Chocolate and love stories are made for each other, so this ad of “Kiss me Close your eyes, Miss me” touches the heart of lovers. 

The Valentine special Cadbury edition with heart-shaped chocolate also used this famous jingle for the product. You will fall in love with this tune, and of course, you will start tuning with it in no time.

10. Vicks: Vicks Ki Goli Lo

Who would have thought that Vicks ad film would be so interesting? ‘Vicks ki goli lo, Khich khich dur karo’ was the advertisement song that made the product so popular.

Now, if anyone is facing throat irritation, people around them would suggest Vicks ki goli. That’s the major motive of any commercial, isn’t it?

Along with the above-mentioned jingles, there are many other jingles like ‘Vico Turmeric nahi cosmetic, Vico Turmeric Ayurvedic cream’, ‘daag ache hai’, etc. It’s always good to recall these jingles and connect with people of that age.


Ad breaks are actually the breaks between the shows you are watching. So no one likes it. However, some remarkable commercials made boring advertisements into very interesting. They try to create funny ads, ads with songs, and jingle. It seems to work as the sales of products grow multiple times if these ads connect with the audience.

Here we have brought the best jingles of all time that was aired on Indian television. I hope this will make you recall your childhood. So let’s sing-along some of the jingles and tunes as you read the blog.

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