Top 10 Ways to Improve Amazon Sales Rankings

Top 10 Ways To Improve Amazon Sales Rankings

Amazon sales rank is a basic parameter to define the value of a product on this specific platform. It defines how best a product is selling on the platform in a specific category. It defines the traffic and primarily the conversion rate for a product. Selling entities keep striving for the best sellers rank to remain on top on Amazon. It is not about meeting your sales targets but selling regularly to remain in the good books of Amazon. The platform wants you to sell non-stop. A minor fluctuation in the amazon sales ranking can make your revenues fall. That’s why sellers remain focused on getting good reviews and hence a good ranking.

Amazon sales rank however does not depend on the traffic or product reviews alone. It relies on a range of factors that work in synergy to bring the best results for a seller. Amazon’s algorithms will work when you make a serious effort to sell frequently and superfluously on this platform. You can know more about how it works by getting in touch with an amazon agency. The top ten factors that can impact your seller rank are however described below.

  1. To Get a Good SR, you must Convert Consistently

Many sellers think that bringing the traffic to the store or a specific category of products is the only task they need to accomplish. They think that converting the leads into sales up to a certain level can work but it is important to note that Amazon works differently. It has nothing to do with your traffic or sales targets, it will assign the top rank only when your product is sold consistently. You need to convert consistently to get a good sales rank. Amazon sale ranking depends directly on the frequency. The more you sell, the better, it will help your product get on top as far as Amazon ranking is concerned.

  1. Listing Optimization

Optimizing the listings is key in getting things done for your product categories. It is difficult to climb on top without listings optimization as far as BSR is concerned. The best seller rank will be assigned only to those who optimize everything on a consistent basis. Remaining active on the platform is vital in gaining the desired results. You need to keep on working on every single factor that counts in enhancing the sales velocity for a specific product category.

  1. A Low Price Strategy Can Also Help

Amazon sales ranking depends on the velocity of sales for a specific product category. It defines things for subcategories by just taking the velocity into the account. Hence, working on the price of a product can surely help. A low price strategy can help you sell more frequently in the beginning. The best-sellers are never going to drop the price so you are always at an advantage as far getting the sales velocity is concerned. The low price strategy works for every entrant but it is also important to notice that one should never drop the price if one is selling in high quality. We will discuss more in the next specific discussion.

  1. Quality Matters

Remember only the best quality products stay in the market. People remember the quality and performance of a product and the brand but not the price. Price matters only when they are picking the product from a shelf. But it is the quality of a product that makes it stand out from the crowd. The best cars, best printers, and even the best watches are earning millions of dollars for their producers. Quality can help you stay on top at Amazon as well. You can simply sell more by showcasing the best quality of your items. It just requires highlighting the best features to make your items stand alone.

  1. Sales History Has a Higher Impact on the BSR

Amazon sales ranking depends heavily on the sales history of a product. The producer or seller needs to maintain a strong sales history to qualify for the best sales rank. A product can win the BSR only by maintaining a strong sales history. It is hard to imagine of good ranking without having a smooth and regular sales history against an item.

  1. Seasonality Influences BSR

The best sellers rank is impacted by the season. Many sellers know that despite having a low sales rank they are able to make millions during a specific season. It is a matter of fact that there are certain products that are sold only in a specific season. The sales rankings will thus depend on the season for a complete chart.

  1. Sales Rank Depend on Orders Not Units

The number of units ordered has none to do with the Amazon sale rankings. Amazon will notice the number of orders alone and will never count the units ordered. Selling more units will however always boost keyword rankings.

  1. Amazon Updates on an Hourly Basis

It is important to notice that selling on Amazon is a consistent process. You cannot just feel over the moon by gaining a good ranking for a specific period. Similarly, there is nothing to worry about if you get a relatively low sales ranking for a specific period. You just need to be consistent to remain on top.

  1. Product Research can Help Improve BSR

The best-seller ranking depends on how well a product is viewed by a searching buyer. The best-featured product catches the eyes of Amazon and of course that of a buyer. It is necessary to make your product research to add the best features to your product.

  1.  Amazon SEO

The last factor to be taken into account is Amazon SEO. It will simply bring your items on top and will help you sell more frequently. Many people ignore it but in fact,it is one of the most important steps you can make to increase your sales rank over time.

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