Top 3 Questions You Need to Ask the Military Criminal Defense Attorney

Top 3 Questions You Need to Ask the Military Criminal Defense Attorney

The court-martial cases are undoubtedly an overwhelming process for most military service members. If you don’t take proper action before or during your court-martial hearing, you might land on serious troubles. Many military service members face court-martial, but their great choice of criminal defense attorney helps them to establish peace. When you know your case is in good hands, you don’t have to worry about losing your military job or ranking. 

However, choosing the best military criminal defense lawyer is a time-consuming and hard task. You need to know various factors before establishing a relationship with them. The stakes are extremely high when military members are accused of breaking laws and regulations. This is why you need to hire the best and experienced attorney for your case. Here are the top 3 questions you need to ask the military criminal defense attorney to determine their ability to represent your case. 

What is the Background of the Lawyer in Military Criminal Defense?

The Uniform Code of Military Justice, also known as the UCMJ represents the laws and regulations applied for various military criminal proceedings. Keep in mind that the laws and regulations of UCMJ are different from civilian laws. In most cases, even experienced and professional civilian lawyers can face difficulties regarding the laws and regulations of UCMJ. Therefore, you should not assume that civilian lawyers can help you with your military criminal defense case. 

Before hiring the lawyer, make sure you determine whether they know the laws associated with your criminal case. Additionally, your military defense lawyer should also have vast knowledge about the military environment. This way they can discuss with you the culture and characteristics of each branch of service. A professional military defense lawyer not only has a great record of success but is capable of upgrading a military discharge

What is the Assessment of the Available Options?

When you’re accused of violating the law, make sure your military criminal defense lawyer provides you with multiple available options as per your needs. Most of the time, some attorneys immediately consider the plea instead of keeping an open mind. It’s a fact that some criminal defense cases come with a pretrial agreement. However, a good and experienced attorney needs to be motivated for a battle without raising the white flag to start your case. Remember that deal is the last solution. If your plea has been denied or facing some serious backlash, your criminal defense attorney needs to understand the consequences and terms of the deal. They should also negotiate the strategies to secure the best outcome. 

What will be the Legal Fees?

Due to the nature of the military cases, preliminary fees are paid in full before the starting of the service. You’ll receive the bill after you’re done with the court-martial. As per Military, court-martial is the legal proceeding for military members. Keep in mind that the fees are also dependent from firm to firm. But most professional and experienced military defense firms charge the same rate. Make sure the attorney is transparent regarding the fee structure of the case. Additionally, make sure you ask the attorney to provide you with a written agreement of the fee structure. 


These are the top 3 questions you should ask the military criminal defense attorney. Do you have any other questions you like to be answered? Comment below to let us know. 

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