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Despite the struggling performance of the Cryptocurrency in 2019, Crypto traders were optimistic about the performance. And surely their optimism bore sweet fruits. We are in late November of 2020, and the price of Bitcoin has already crossed 18K.

The past year of the Crypto trade industry was less fruitful. There was a point when people had accepted the fact that soon the crypto bubble will burst. The threat increased with the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic when the price of the Bitcoin dropped below $3000.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Bitcoin started a mad bull run without seeing back. This positive run of the bitcoin price has filled the crypto traders with the hope to see its price soaring above $20K.

The Cryptocurrency trade was indeed on the back foot for a couple of months. However, these Crypto exchange CEOs were optimistic about its performance.

Top Crypto Exchange CEOs You Need to Follow

The people we will talk about below are some of the biggest names in the Crypto trade marketing industry. These CEOs are trying their best to regulate Cryptocurrency to a more ground level.

Yuzo Kano

Yuzo Kano is the Co-founder and CEO of the world-renowned Crypto exchange platform bit Flyer. This Crypto exchange platform was established in 2014 when the market was not in favour of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Yuzo started his career at Goldman Sachs at the developing settle met system and later became a part of the convertible bonds traders.

Kano completed his studies at an engineering college in Tokyo in 2001. Currently, Kano is the representative director of the Japan Blockchain Association. He also becomes a member of the BC system evaluation audit review company.

Tyler Winklevoss

Tyler Winklevoss is the CEO of Gemini cryptocurrency exchanges. He got popular after filing a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg for taking his idea of Facebook. He won the case and was given more than $60 million. He used some of them in the and soon became one of the Cryptocurrency billionaires.

He is one of the crypto exchange CEOs who believe in the future of the Cryptocurrency. According to him, Cryptocurrency holds the power to create a new financial ecosystem.

Nejc Kodric

Nejc Kodric has always been passionate about technological things. He started his journey in 2011 with just basic computer equipment and $1000 in his pockets. He started his project of developing Bitstamp into one of the largest Crypto exchange platforms.

Since then, he has never seen back. Today, Bitstanp has offices in London, New York, and Luxembourg. For the next couple of years, he spearheaded all the resistance he got in the market and eventually got the first fully licensed virtual currency in the EU.

Mark Karpeles

Max Karpeles is one of the well-known names in the crypto trade market. He is the former CEO of the Bitcoin exchange platform Mt. GOX. Karpeles’s career started in 2005 at Linux Cyberjoueurs. He works there as a software developer and network administrator. Karpeles worked in this company till 2009 and got distracted with the whole blockchain concept.

He left the company and founded Tibanne Co. Ltd. It is a Bitcoin-related technology support provider. He, later on, became the founding member and CEO of the Bitcoin Foundation with the sole purpose of standardizing the use of Bitcoin.

Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao is a Canadian-Chinese business executive who later became the founder and the CEO of Binance. Binance was considered to be the world’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange platform in terms of trading volumes.

Zhao’s career started at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. There he develops software for the clients. Later he joined Bloomberg Tradebook, where he was in charge of developing future trading software.

After the advent of the Blockchain technology, he worked on several Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects. He later left his job and started Binance In 2017.


There you have it. Now you know the top names in the Crypto exchange industry. It is due to their efforts; regulation of the Cryptocurrency has become smoother. Crypto trade is all about the right use of market information. If you can follow these people, we are sure that you will get valuable information for your next crypto trade.

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