Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World

The number of people in the crypto space is growing slowly and steadily. Today, a limited percentage of total investors participate in the crypto market. But more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies hoping to make money. The main reason is that no investment asset has ever given the same amount of return as cryptocurrencies. Some people are investing for the long-term while some are going for short-term trading. Don’t know why people are skeptical about bitcoin

However, those who are new to the crypto market are searching for how to invest in cryptocurrencies and the best crypto exchanges. If you are looking for crypto exchanges to start investing in the digital currency market, stay with me till the end.  

Now let’s see the top 5 crypto exchanges in the world for 2020.

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges

With the growing number of investors, demand for crypto exchanges is also growing. Due to this, entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, VCs are trying to provide a suitable platform to crypto investors (especially for retail investors). Now choose a crypto exchange from the following list for investing in digital currencies.


In 2017, Binance declared its initial coin offerings and raised around $15 million. This is the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world and providing seamless exchange operations. 

Today, Binance is among the top 5 list of crypto exchanges since its ICO. The platform includes more than 200 crypto coins and the number of digital tokens is growing with time. 

Unlike the most cryptocurrencies, Binance is a centralized exchange. It provides a discount today traders for using its digital currency BNB. If you buy any other coins using the native currency of Binance, it offers discounts. 

 Binance offers its services worldwide and it has the highest volume among all the crypto exchanges. Binance charges very less for trading in the platform. Again, this is one of the few crypto exchanges which provide its services in a mobile application for Android and iOS users. 


Since 2014, Bitfinces has been one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. It allows you to trade 13 major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCash, ZCash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, IOTA, Monero, Santiment, EOS, Ripple, and OmiseGo. Recently they have also included many other cryptocurrencies to the list. 

This is a Hong Kong-based crypto trading platform. But Bitfinex takes more than 15 days to verify your ID for trading in the platform. The Bitfinex platform also allows you to trade from a mobile app.


Bitmex is one of the most popular crypto exchange primarily for bitcoin. This is developed by a group of economists who were trading cryptocurrencies and also web developers. The platform has a high volume of trading so you will not find any liquidity issue. 

Along with Bitcoin, it also allows you to trade different digital assets and future contracts of Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, etc. You can simply register for the crypto exchange platform of Bitmex with your email ID. More importantly, the fee structure of Bitmex is relatively low, transparent, and candid.  


Bittrex is a secure and well-regulated trading exchange that allows you to invest in over 180 cryptocurrencies. This is a US-based crypto exchange platform and the current US rules apply to the platform. 

Bittrex has the highest traded volume for bitcoin and it charges a very small amount for trading. You can register on this platform through an email ID. However, you need to verify KYC for withdrawing your fund. Moreover, it requires 2-factor authentication for high amounts. The verification process in the Bittrex platform is very fast and simple. 

There are two types of trading account in Bittrex; basic and advance. The basic account allows you to withdraw 3 BTC/day whereas the advanced account allows 100 BTC withdrawal per day. The user interface is very clean and easy to use with all the advanced features for trading. 


Kraken is a different crypto exchange from all of the above. This is suitable for serious crypto investors and business purposes. Apart from individual trading accounts, it also provides services to institutional investing. This includes several digital currencies and also allows to trade for traditional currencies. This is a secure and safe platform for trading cryptocurrencies. 

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