Top 5 Reasons Why USB Custom Business Cards are Better than Regular Cards

USB Custom Business Cards

Today, everything is customized. USB printed business cards have ample space for your artwork and contact information. There are full-color imprints.

Moreover, you can easily keep them in the laptop bag, wallet, or office drawer.

If you are interested in increasing your contacts, USB business cards are the mandatory thing. They are the need of the hour.

Moreover, the local business card has become nearly obsolete today. The USB card has taken its place, and for a good reason.

5 Reasons Why USB Business Cards Are The Best

  1. Less Likely to Go to Dustbin

When you meet someone for a business meet or networking event, you often share a business card. There is a very low chance of it being used the way you want. Instead, it may be dumped into a dustbin along with other cards. However, if you give someone new-age USB business cards, they are more likely to keep them. It’s unique and people will at least use it for once and your purpose will be satisfied.

  1. Hold as Much Info you Want

Physical cards have space limitations. You can barely put every essential information about your business on a tiny piece of paper card. However, with USB business cards those limitations cease to exist. You can add as much information as you want such as web addresses, product catalogs, service images, video testimonials, etc. to take your leads by surprise.  

  1. Have Secondary Usage

It will be a great data storage device for your new client. They now have an essential bit of technology in their hands. Even if they use it for secondary data storage, it will remind them of your brand constantly.

  1. No Harm to Environment

Paper waste is common even in the digital business. It applies to physical business cards as well. Unless clients choose to keep it, it is a piece of trash for them. However, with USB business cards you stick to your purpose without harming the environment. When you use USB business cards, you save a tree.

  1. Better Return on Investment

The initial cost of getting it is higher than the paper card. However, the return on investment is also high. Moreover, you are bound to get more repeat customers. The presence of the USB will constantly remind prospectus about your brand. So, treat it as a long-term investment.

Bonus- Stand out of the Competition

It will help your business stand out amidst the competition. Most people distribute these paper business cards. However, the moment you hand over a piece of technology to someone, you are remembered. Every time the prospective clients see the card, they will recall you.

End Thoughts

USB cards are definitely a new trend to brand your service like never before. However, it’s imperative to buy them from a trusted source to rest assured of their bespoke performance after you hand them over to your client. Look for trusted online sellers, go through their reviews and buy best quality usb business cards to mark an everlasting first-impression of your business in this competitive world.

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